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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hope, Freedom, Victory: The Iraqi Front

The success of the Iraqi elections appear to be beyond expectations. The terrorists couldn't stop people from voting. Neither could the Defeatocrats. The prebuttal led by Harry Reid yesterday looks even more foolish following today's success. And Carl Levin's threats of a coming Civil War have been dipped in purple ink, and hung out to dry.

I searched for pictures of Senator Reid from yesterday's travesty. I found very few. I think I know why. The man looked like someone had just killed his firstborn. Griefstricken Democrat Senators don't play well on television, and the loss of the Iraq issue has left them heart broken.

The Democrats have invested much in the defeat of U.S. policy in Iraq, and yet the policy is succeeding. I know that sounds harsh, and leaves my friends on the left screaming that I'm attacking their patriotism. But how else do you explain the Defeatocrat offensive of the past few weeks? The success of President Bush's policies in Iraq hurts Democrats. President Bush's success on the ecomomy hurts Democrats. In fact, any success that the United States has, foreign or domestic, is a defeat for the Democrat Party, and the left. The Democrats have arranged it so. And now the Left is recieving the fruits of their policy. The President's poll numbers are on their way up, and the Democrats are on the way down...again.

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