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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Health Update Part Whatever...I've lost count

Slow improvement in my breathing has put the asthma problem almost behind me, I hope. Recovery from the back surgery continues. Still alot of nerve pain, which is keeping me up nights. MD has again limited my driving and sitting, which interferes with going back to work. I had hoped to go back this week half days, but am thinking this will be put on hold until next week. Got to let the nerve settle down. My physical therapist Maggie is the best , and her student Carrie has been a big encouragement. Carrie has the makings of a great Physical Therapist herself, especially with Maggie as her mentor. Blogging is intermittent until the nerve settles down, unless someone has an old laptop with a wireless connection they aren't using. Got the wireless network set up, just waiting until I can get a laptop. Sigh.

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