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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Shame of the Episcopal Church in the United States

This is not a story about gays in the Church. It's a story, written as praise, of the errors of the Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold and North Korea:

I will urge my own government to reject the policy of preemption that heightens tensions and threatens the well being of peoples both in the north and south. As the two Koreas move forward towards the goal of reunification, I will urge the United States to take the following further steps:

  • support and promote a nonaggression pact that will move all parties toward a comprehensive peace formally ending the "state of war" that has existed since 1953 by following through in the current negotiations to pledge not to preemptively attack the DPRK in exchange for the DPRK's abandonment of its nuclear weapons program
  • refrain from demonization of the DPRK in favor of supporting the building of relations between the north and south which hold the promise of peace and reunification
  • make every effort to invite the DPRK into the international community as a full member so that the country can develop and pursue internationally recognized norms and standards for its people to enjoy, specifically to provide humanitarian relief and development assistance to the DPRK including poverty alleviation, food aid, energy development and transportation
  • assure access to all mechanisms for redress of grievances between U.S. military personnel and Korean civilians in the ROK.
Thanks for the advice, Frank. I'm sure you've made the North Koreans very happy. There's a reason the Communists used to call folks like this "Useful Idiots."

And here is some excellent commentary on Reverend Frank, from Christopher Johnson. (hat tip to RSP)

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