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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election Day After

John McIntyre of Real Clear Politics analyzed the election results, without the MSM template.
Here's a sample:

The MSM is trying to spin yesterday's election as a disaster for President Bush. But a simple exercise of just checking the election results from four years ago shows this to be partisan spin.

2001 Virginia: Warner (D) 52%, Earley (R) 47%
2005 Virginia: Kaine (D) 52%, Kilgore (R) 46%

2001 New Jersey: McGreevey (D) 56%, Schundler (R) 42%
2005 New Jersey: Corzine (D) 53%, Forrester (R) 44%

2001 New York City: Bloomberg (R) 50%, Green (D) 47%
2005 New York City: Bloomberg (R) 59%, Ferrer (D) 39%

The Democratic sweep of New Jersey and Virginia foreshadowed absolutely nothing for 2002. So the idea that the election results are proof of Democratic strength or Republican weakness is partisan blather, parroted by a sympathetic media.

One place I was watching was Ohio, and the Democrat orchestrated initiatives to change the way elections are handled in that state. All four initiatives failed, by wider margins than the losses in California. Interesting, considering Ohio was one of the Dems best hopes for 2006 and 2008.

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