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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving: Getting Your Turkey Just Right

Daddy doing the Thanksgiving Turkey is a tradition at our house. We got Tom yesterday, all 20 lbs of him, and he's defrosting now. I'll get him in the oven around nine this morning, and then start the pies baking about two hours after that. If all goes well, we'll sit down to dinner around two thirty or three, with a round of left overs just before bed.

Part of the tradition used to be a very dry Turkey, looking nothing like the golden brown bird you see Katie Couric pull out of the oven on The Today Show. But, since Daddy learned to follow the directions from Butterball.com each year, I'm now the toast of the dinner,even when it's only me, my lovely bride, and the little ones, like it will be this year. Which reminds me, I forgot to get the Cranberry Sauce. Wonder if Jewel is open yet....?

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