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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Reply to Nariel

Joseph and Nariel are two of my favorite bloggers. They force me to think deeply about what I believe, and often make me confront and question things I hold most dear.
Both wrote great comments to my initial post on Alito. I liked them so well, I decided to make my reply a main post today. Here's what they said:

Alito isn't TOO ideological but I want to see proof of this fact and I want to see proof that he is going to be a Constructionist. I wouldn't vote for anyone who didn't prove these facts.

Personally, I think Alito will push back the rights of women in this country in very short order. He has already made his mind very clear on matters such as abortion, and while I'm personally against it--Alito is also personally against it--only difference between us is that he has the potential to make his issue ALL women's issue by addressing Roe V. Wade with his very conservative opinion and personal feelings. I think he's going to have an awful time in the Senate hearings and a large part will be because of that--we'll see if he answers the questions, or like the last one--merely tap dances around it.

And, here, mostly to Nariel, is my reply:

Personally I prefer ballroom dancing to tap.:-)

Show me the proof of your charges, Nariel. You sound like one big DNC talking point, not like someone who's looked at Alito's cases over the past 15 years. I've just begun to look at them myself, and see no basis for your charges what so ever. But let's say your "feelings" are exactly right.

Abortion is an issue, and for the Left, it is THE issue. There is a lot of evidence that Roe v Wade was decided more on personal feelings than the law in the first place. (see also Men in Black by Mark Levine pgs. 55-70) If by pushing back women's "rights" you mean killing unborn babies, who also have rights, then push away. The rights of unborn infants, defenseless in every way have been "pushed back" for too long.

See, that's what it comes down to for the left, abortion, at all times, and with no restrictions. It fascinates me that the left can call the Constitution a "living, changeable document" except where Roe v. Wade is concerned. Then it becomes a static, unchangeable document based on "super-duper precedent."

And before somebody even types the reply about "privacy rights." Again, I would refer you to Mark Levine's excellent look at how abortion became linked to privacy in his book Men in Black. The question that must be asked is quite simple really. Is it a human baby, or is it "tissue" like a toenail? The advances in medicine since Roe make it clear what the answer is. My God, Roe herself is working to get the decision overturned!

I welcome Alito if he is as "bad" as the Left says he is. I welcome him and more conservatives on the SCOTUS. And if it's on the issue of abortion that Liberals want to take their stand, then in the words of President Bush, bring it on.

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