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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why We Fight: Killing Children

While the media continues to focus on Karl Rove, the terrorists in Iraq have crossed another threshold of evil:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide car bomber sped up to American soldiers distributing candy to children and detonated his explosives Wednesday, killing up to 27 other people, U.S. and Iraqi officials said. One U.S. soldier and about a dozen children were among the dead.

At least 70 others, including three U.S. soldiers, were injured in the attack, Iraqi and U.S. officials said. It was the second major suicide bombing in Baghdad this week. A suicide bomber killed 25 people Sunday at an army recruiting center.

The fireball from Wednesday's blast also set a nearby house ablaze, the U.S. military said. The attack stunned the impoverished east Baghdad neighborhood of mostly Shiite Muslims and Christians.

At Kindi hospital, where many of the dead and injured were taken, one distraught woman swathed in black sat cross-legged outside the operating room.

"May God curse the mujahedeen and their leader!" she cried as she pounded her own head in grief.

Hospitals and police said between 11 and 13 children were killed. Authorities scrambled to compile a count of the dead and injured.

"The explosion was mainly on the children," resident Abbas Ali Jassim said.

Targeting children in an impoverished area being given candy by American soldiers. And the press refuses to call these animals terrorists?!? Even the BBC has taken to calling the 4 terrorists "bombers" as though they were freedom fighters. How pathetic.

Its time we called the enemy what it is, Islamo-fascist terrorists. It's time we took them down, and take out the countries that support them.

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