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Monday, July 25, 2005

Shoot to Kill: Makes Sense to Me

A successful attack, over 50 dead
A second attack, only foiled through the ineptness of the terrorists.
Then this:

When it was obvious he was getting off at Stockwell Tube station, the team on the bus alerted a three-man team of marksmen to move in. The decision was taken at Scotland Yard that he must not be allowed to get to the platform.

The marksmen were told: "If you think he has explosives under his coat and he fails to heed shouted warnings, then you must shoot to kill." As the three plainclothes officers closed in, they say they screamed their first warning that they were armed police. They say he turned, ran into the station concourse, vaulted the ticket barriers and reached a waiting train before they could catch him. They shot him five times in the head when they believed he was trying to trigger a bomb.

His cousin, Alex Alves, claims Mr de Menezes was "playing around with a friend in a game of chase outside the station".

The police insist he was alone during the entire journey.

Sorry. You don't play "chase" in a zippered padded jacket on a summer day in a train station the day after the second terrorist attack, and then wonder why the police shoot you. A tragedy? Yes. Understandable? Most certainly.

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