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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Standing on the Grassy Knoll

In case you haven't heard this story:
On Saturday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette broke the story about Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll's uninvited attendance at the July 19 funeral of Marine Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, who was killed in Iraq on July 10. According to the paper, Knoll passed out business cards during communion, and told a grieving relative, "I want you to know our government is against this war."
Good Lord. And here's the rest:

Reading the story carefully, what stands out to me is this: the Light Governor really thought she was saying something comforting.

That's more shockingly revealing, in a way, about how the liberals just don't get it than supposing she was being a mean-spirited bitch of the Michael Moore genre. Moore, who as columnist Jack Kelly reminds us in a column on Knoll's gaffe, disgracefully used footage from the funeral of an Air Force officer in Fahrenheit 9-11, doesn't give a rat's necktie who he offends and makes a (damned good) living off being a political shock jock.

Knoll, on the other hand, is just a wimpy liberal sap. She may have outstanding academic credentials and must have come from something like a normal background, having been the wife of a postmaster (since deceased), but she's been so sucked in by left-wing propaganda that she imagines any family which has lost a loved one in the Iraqi War would be comforted to know that "our government is against this war."

Okay, passing out your buisness card is tacky. Telling a grieving family that our government is against this war is just plain stupid. But pretty typical of someone immersed in the rhetoric of the left. She assumes everyone thinks like her and Michael Moore. She couldn't be more wrong.

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