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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Death in Iraq and Afghanistan: Perspectives

I suspect the purpose of this map from the Palm Beach Post is to show how many casualties we've had on the Afghan and Iraq front, and make folks question the war. For the vast majority of Americans, who may not even be sure what we celebrated yesterday, it may do so.

But for those of us historical perspective, this map reveals just how well this conflict is actually going. We are engaged in a World War again. I wonder what the map would have looked like in 1943? or 1945? Certainly the legend would have reflected a change. The green may have been 100, the yellow 500-1000, the Orange 2500-5000, and the red 10000 or more. And most of the dead were conscripts, not volunteers. At the end of WWII, there were over 405,000 dead. Ask your grandparents about Goldstars, and how many houses had them. Then take a look at the map of today's war again.

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