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Monday, May 24, 2004

An Important Speech: And The Usual Reactions

Good speech tonight. (Okay, you knew I'd say that) But it was. The President laid out the 5 point plan, and again linked what's happening in Iraq with the War on Islamo-Fascists.

You can read the speech above.

What fascinated me was CNN, MSNBC and FNC. Most especially CNN and MSNBC. Chris Matthews devoted more time to Joe Biden's rantings than he did to the President's speech. And CNN dragged Madeline Albright out to say pretty much the same things.

It was the expressions on the faces of Albright, Biden, and Matthews that drew my attention. Absolute rage. The anger from those three flowed from the TV screen. It's not anger at Terrorism, or death. It's palpable anger at George W. Bush. Very difficult to watch, and I suspect, cannot be sustained over the course of the next few months...Stay Tuned.

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