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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Abuse and Atrocity
I've just viewed the Nick Berg torture and slaughter video. A link to it is in the title above.
A couple of thoughts:
This was far worse than a beheading. Somehow this word brings to mind French Guillotines, swift and relatively painless.
This was anything but.
The screams of Nick Berg will haunt my sleep tonight....

While I agree that the abuse that occurred at Al Ghraib at the hands of American soldiers must be dealt with swiftly, there is no comparison to the atrocities perpetrated by the five cowards in the Berg video, or the Pearl Video, or 9/11/01.

This is what we fight against. We must not forget. And as hard as it may be, we must watch the videos, remember the screams, and yes, avenge the dead lest it happen again, and again, and again.

Does this sound harsh? Overly dramatic? Watch the video of this Jewish American being tortured. Then read the above. Then think about perspective, and the Democrat Chorus whining about how awful Americans must be....Perspective.

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