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Saturday, May 29, 2004

The Battle of Iraq
Frank Gaffney puts the Battle of Iraq in the perspective it deserves. Much like the Battle of Britain, a protracted attempt by Hitler to soften up England before invasion, the Battle of Iraq is but one theater in a global conflict.

That's the difference between Bush and Kerry. Mr. Kerry and his ilk want to see Iraq as a contained conflict. Hence the reason for the constant, incessant comparisons to Vietnam. They wish to fight the same war, the same way. Why not? In their worldview, they won.

But Iraq is not Vietnam. Failure here would not merely mean the death of thousands and the subjugation of multiple countries as did our abandonment of Vietnam, while the United States remained free to wallow in Watergate and elect Jimmy Carter.

Political, and therefore military failure in Iraq would bring on multiple 9/11's.


In Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Greensborough.

We fight the Battle of Iraq so the Battle of America need not happen.

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