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Sunday, May 23, 2004

A Disturbing Conversation
The other day, a coworker came by my desk, just to chat. She knows I'm something of a news junkie, so she asked my opinion on the whole Prisoner Abuse Scandal.

I told her that while certainly awful, it paled in comparison to the Nick Berg video. Her response was a puzzled look, and the question, "What video? Who is Nick Berg?"

My coworker is in her mid-thirties, college educated, and thinks of herself as well informed.

After I told her, she was stunned. And then she asked, "Why haven't I heard anything about this?"

Good Question.

It's important for me, and other bloggers, to realize that most Americans get their news in short snippets, on the hour from whatever radio station they have on in the car, or at work.

Even those who get their news from the internet primarily use the mainstream sources: MSNBC, CNN, etc. Opening their eyes takes work, and assuming your average American actually knows what's going on is a mistake. Makes our task all the more difficult, yet necessary in today's world.

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