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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Abortion and Christianity

There has been an attempt to somehow make the decision of some Roman Catholic Bishops to with hold communion from Democratic politians favoring abortion as political. The argument goes that this is a private matter between themselves and God.

It's not.

For Catholics, and Evangelicals like myself who agree with them, this is very different.

Two Catholics may disagree on taxes. We may even disagree on certain forms of government, monarchy vs. democracy for example. These are not fundamental tenets of faith.

Life and death is.

Abortion is about life and death for Christians.

The pastoral statement below, from priests for life.org, expresses it well.

"A Time for Honesty"
A Pastoral Statement by The Most Reverend John J. Myers,
Archbishop of Newark
May 5, 2004

Here is a quote.

But with abortion (and for example slavery, racism, euthanasia and trafficking in human persons) there can be no legitimate diversity of opinion. The direct killing of the innocent is always a grave injustice. One should not permit unjust killing any more than one should permit slave-holding, racist actions, or other grave injustices. From the perspective of justice, to say "I am personally opposed to abortion but…" is like saying "I personally am against slavery, but I can not impose my personal beliefs on my neighbor." Obviously, recognizing the grave injustice of slavery requires one to ensure that no one suffers such degradation. Similarly recognizing that abortion is unjust killing requires one—in love and justice—to work to overcome the injustice.

Among my most important responsibilities is that of pastor and teacher. In light of recent developments in our nation, I wish once again to affirm the teaching of the Church. Human life is a gift from God and as Catholics we have a most grave obligation to defend all human life from the moment of conception until natural death. God help us if we fail in this most fundamental obligation.

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