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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Media Myths: Military Recruiting

See! See! NOONE supports the illegal, immoral war on the innocent in Iraq! The evil U.S. military isn't even able to meet their own recruiting goals!

Uh, wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Even this heavily biased story, which seeks to downplay the whole story, can't hide the truth:
December was the seventh consecutive month that the Army met its goal.
And this:
The Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps also exceeded their monthly recruiting goals — which were all two to three times the Army's number. All four military services also met or exceeded their reenlistment goals for the month.
One more myth bites the dust. So, let's review, shall we?

The Iraqi front is part of a wider war, referred to as GWOT, or World War IV. It's legal, and authorized by Congress, including a majority of Defeatocrats. And the action in Iraq is working, and providing a base for further action on other fronts. And Iran, Syria and North Korea knows that far better than the Defeatocrats here in the United States.

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