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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Waiting For Game One

Okay, I admit it. I'm much more of a Cubs fan than a Sox fan. Growing up in Oklahoma, one of the Cable channels we got early was WGN. It only carried the Cubs then, so I watched alot of Cub games, and only saw the Sox when they played the Kansas City Royals, also on local TV back then.
When the Cubs made the playoffs a couple of years ago (poor Steve Bartman. Sad, very sad.) me and mine were all goose bumps, and cried when they lost to the Padres, after only needing 5 outs to win the whole thing. Sigh.

One advantage to growing up in Oklahoma, but living in Chicago; I can still root for the Sox without that deep sense of betrayal felt by true Cub fans. I mean, its not like I'm rooting for Texas, or that evil Empire USC, right? Now THAT would be just wrong. :-)

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