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Thursday, October 27, 2005

A City Divided

Not Beirut, not Jerusalem.
Great story on the Northside last night.

CHICAGO -- Welcome to ghost town. The city of champions.

In Wrigleyville, the bars are empty. Not literally, but not figuratively, either.

The parking lot across the street from Wrigley Field, which usually charges $35 for regular-season Cubs games, wants only 10 bucks tonight.

"When the Cubs were in the playoffs [in 2003], I was charging $150 a car to get in this lot," the attendant tells me as I drop Jackson on him and look for Hamilton as change. "Do you know how much I'd get if the Cubs were playing tonight instead of the Sox?"

Inside the Cubby Bear, the world-famous bar that sits 10 yards away from Gate F, under the "Wrigley Field Home Of The Cubs" marquee, four doormen are on the clock (during regular-season games, it takes 15). The place holds a capacity of 2,500; tonight, there are 80 inside. The usual Wednesday Specials -- $2 well drinks, $10 buckets, $1 tacos and $1.50 Enchiladas are "un-specialed" for the night.

Ah well, wait till next year, right? Right?

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