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Friday, September 16, 2005

The New York Times Intentionally Shoots Itself in the Foot

Talk about being out of touch:
The marquee columnists for The New York Times' Op-Ed page including Thomas L. Friedman, Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich generate lots of interest and discussion online. Now, the paper is hoping they'll also generate something else: cash.

Beginning Monday, the Times will begin charging $49.95 a year to people who don't get the paper delivered at home for access to those writers as well as other columnists for the Times' business, metro and sports sections.

It's amazing that the newspaper that considers itself the nation's paper of record would intentionally marginalize itself. I only read the Times' opinion columns for laughs. There's no way I would actually pay to read the whining of Maureen Dowd and her fellow travelers.

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