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Friday, September 02, 2005

Circular Firing Squads: President Bush Doesn't Need This

I'm disgusted with the current blame game being foisted on us all by the Left over the Gulf disaster. I certainly won't join in that pig-pile, and believe the backlash will be severe.

But this story, by Joel Mowbray, is a reminder that sometimes the Bush Administration needs no help in shooting themselves in the foot:
One of President Bush's closest confidants,Karen Hughes, this weekend is scheduled to address the annual conference of an organization whose primary purpose is the promotion of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabist Islam — and whose president has publicly denied that al Qaeda was behind September 11, and whose Web site to this day sells a book that lavishes praise on Osama bin Laden.
Not only is Mrs. Hughes publicly endorsing the Islamic Society of North America with her mere presence, but this is the first major public address in her new role leading public diplomacy with the Muslim world.
Asked whether the woman who was instrumental in Mr. Bush winning the White House knew the true nature of the group she is speaking to in Chicago this weekend, State Department spokes-man Noel Clay responded, "Karen Hughes has been briefed on the organization."
Somehow, it just doesn't seem likely that Mrs. Hughes has been fully briefed on ISNA. If she had, she almost certainly wouldn't be headlining its annual conference — let alone as her first major appearance in her new post.
Of all the Muslim groups claiming to be moderate in this country, ISNA is perhaps the easiest to expose as anything but. Spun off of the Saudi-created and funded Muslim Students Association more than 20 years ago, ISNA is likely the largest single provider of Islamic materials to mosques in America.
It's probably too late for Mrs. Hughes to pull out. It would only make the media storm worse at this point. Hope springs eternal.
Here's hoping she gives a speech without compromise.

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