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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Back to the Moon, and On to Mars

NASA unveiled a somewhat unambitious agenda to get back to the Moon by the year 2018, as a prelude to Mars missions at a time to be named later. The plan involves using Shuttle technology to build both a cargo vessel and a four man crew module, to build a semi-permanent base, very likely at the Moon's South Pole.

Canada is excited, and apparently proud to be a part of the plan:
Speaking at the International Lunar Conference in Toronto Monday, NASA chief scientist Jim Garvin said the agency will once again need Canada's help in setting up a permanent "Antarctic-like presence" on the Moon -- a "beachhead in deep space" that could eventually serve as a staging ground for missions to Mars.
The fact that much of Canada is as cold and barren as the lunar surface, and therefore provides a great practice ground does give one pause, doesn't it? No wonder the Hollywood Left changed its mind about going there after Bush won in 2000...

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