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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blogs For McCain's Opponents

If you scroll down this site, you'll come across a list of blogs that have signed up for a worthy cause, being against John McCain's bid for the Presidency, and and his continued obstruction of many Conservative initiatives in the Senate.
Here, from Daisy Cutter's site, the resolution:
In launching this campaign to purge the Moderate Party's leader from Republican politics and the public square, I do hereby declare and find the following to be true:

That John McCain has been a constant source of grief for Republicans;

That John McCain has heaped far more praise upon Democrats than he has Republicans;

That John McCain in fact never has a harsh word for Democrats, and he is chums with Sen. Ted Kennedy, for crying out loud;

That John McCain meanwhile has serially violated Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment": Do not criticize thy fellow Republicans;

That John McCain has routinely attacked the Republican base, who financed and put McCain and his moderate friends in office;

That John McCain gave cover to Sen. John "sure I'll sign my Form 180, I'll get right on that, honest" Kerry during the presidential election cycle;

That John McCain did not immediately rebuff Kerry when he made repeated VP overtures to McCain;

That John McCain did not publicly say to Sen. Kerry, "Get away from me, you hideous and odious man.";

That John McCain has caused the late, great Ronald Reagan much grief from the other side of the grave by McCain's repeated invocations of the Reagan legacy when McCain's political career resembles nothing of what Pres. Reagan fought for;

That John McCain always has an excuse not to cut taxes;

That John McCain has been in the Senate for many years, and has only McCain-Feingold to show for it;

That McCain-Feingold was a horrible piece of legislation that gave Democrats and their allies a 2-1 funding advantage in the 2004 elections;

That John McCain called those who questioned the constitutionality of McCain-Feingold "radical rightwingers";

That John McCain has now emboldened the FEC to breathe down bloggers' necks;

That John McCain has rejected my compromise to have the FEC shut down/regulate only liberal blogs;

That the most dangerous place in Washington to be is the space between John McCain's face and a television camera;

That John McCain is in love with the MSM and vice-versa;

That John McCain has said negative things about Rush Limbaugh, and these things have been said in public;

That John McCain has consistently and publicly challenged our military leaders in the field on their decisions in Iraq;

That John McCain has to be wooed, consulted, cajoled and stroked for every single thing that happens in Washington, because dangit ... he should have been the president, not Pres. Bush;

That John McCain is loyal to no Republicans and that he and his gang of moderates happily threw Sen. Frist overboard;

That John McCain sells out any one who stands in the way of his poltical ambitions;

That John McCain and his gang of moderates in the name of "comity" actually sold out the Republican base so that their pet projects and donors -- namely, big business -- could get taken care of;

That John McCain still says out loud that the problem in Washington is "money in politics"; and

That John McCain and his ilk are the real problem in Washington.

It is therefore resolved that I will start "Blogs for McCain's Opponent", and that all who join will be linked here and will provide a reciprocal link at their site.

Let me conclude by saying that I have made the statement before, and I will make it again. I respect Sen. McCain for his service to the nation. But, as Hugh Hewitt said, McCain is "a great American, a lousy senator, and a terrible Republican."

So resolved. Or should I say ... I am so resolved.
And rather you like McCain or not, this one should give you pause:
That John McCain has now emboldened the FEC to breathe down bloggers' necks
He still is, even though he's denying publicly.

He would make a terrible President, in my opinion. And, so I'm a proud member of Blogs for McCain's Opponent.

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