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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Eason Jordan: The Reformation Continues

How things change over a weekend. When I left to go under the knife, the Eason Jordan blogswarm was in full cry. Now, he's gone, the media has tried unsuccessfully to put the focus on the bloggers instead of Jordan's foolishness, and the cleanup has begun. Many places to look for the cleanup, and none of them are in the Mainstream Media. Hugh Hewitt, of course has a great soummary, as does Jim Geraghty at TKS. Noone has done a better job of covering the aftermath than Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine though. Here's the ending to a profound post:

Should we bloggers and we journalists keep watch on each other to improve the quality of discourse and the reliability of the reporting? You bet. That's what these journalists are trying to do with bloggers. And that's what the bloggers were trying to do with CNN.

But I can't resist noting whose language -- lynch mob, McCarthyism, Taliban, Gang of Four, morons -- was the more fiery and who sounded more like a lynch mob.

The paradigms are shifting, and Mainstream Journalists can be expected to become more shrill as they lose more readers, and therefore power. Not all that different from their political colleagues on the left in Washington.

Last night, a caller to the Hugh Hewitt Show said this:

"The blogosphere is to the media what internal affairs is to any law enforcement agency. Nobody likes them, and they are absolutely necessary."

A very good analogy. Not quite up to the Protestant Reformation analogy of Mr. Hewitt, but very good indeed.

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