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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Case For Democracy: Natan Sharansky

If you buy only two books this year, they should be The Case for Democracy and Blog, in that order. If you only read one book this year, it should be The Case for Democracy. Read in twice. Natan Sharansky makes the case for free societies, not just in Iraq, but in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, and throughout the world. There is no way to understand the foreign policies of the Bush administration without an understanding of this book. And my readers on the left will be surprised how much they agree with Sharansky's ideas.

No book in recent memory has had such a profound impact on me personally. The lessons Mr. Sharansky learned, both in Soviet Gulags, and in the rough and tumble of Israeli politics are lessons we would all do well to emulate. His sense of hope and optimism are much needed, and stand in sharp contrast to the pessimism and obstructionism of the American left.

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