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Sunday, August 01, 2004

A Two Hour Democrat Attack Ad
And I paid $5.50 to see it!
Michael Moore's propaganda film is at times funny. He even had this Conservative chuckling a couple of times.. But I also found myself looking at my watch...alot. His attempts at pathos fell flat, as it mixed so many distortions, inaccuracies, and downright lies that frankly took away from his attempts.

He did succeed, however, in making me absolutely furious about his use of that poor mother, Lila Lipscomb. To use her grief as a stage prop shows the worst of Michael Moore. I was deeply appalled.

A coworker who saw the movie had a fascinating comment. She said, "Well, if even half of what is in that movie is true, then we have a problem." Her comment is telling. The truth is that he did so much twisting of facts and stories, that to find that mythical 50% is almost impossible, if there at all.

Teri Obrien in the link above lays out the distortions much better than I could. Very much worth reading.
Also, Michael Isikoff, no conservative, makes the same arguments in more detail.

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