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Monday, August 23, 2004

Chris Matthews and Anger Management
Part 2 of Hardball's treatment of the SwiftVet ads was on tonight.
Well, at least this time they had apparently found their own copy of Unfit for Command.
Pat Buchanan tried very hard to defend Michelle Malkin, and you could just see the rage on Chris Matthews' face.
He appears to be unable to control his emotions around this whole issue.
At one point, he turned to the liberal historian,and asked, What are these veterans so furious about?
I think the same question could be asked of Mr. Matthews.
Chris, speaking as a therapist, let me tell you something.
When you have that much rage about something, you are reacting to something other than the incident that's triggering it.
I'm thinking a couple of sessions with a decent counselor are in your future.

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