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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Reflections on Deflections or Waiting for the stain on John Kerry's Blue Dress
I've had bronchitis the past 2 days. It always, always affects my asthma in a big way.
All I've been able to do until this morning is lay on the couch (propped up, with pillows) and watch TV.
It has been a miserable time, and a bit of a flashback to 1998.
The SwiftVet controversy has brought out all the old attack dogs of the Democratic party.
Let's see if I can try this in order of appearance: I'm sure I've missed a few between coughing fits.
Chris Matthews' absolutely apalling attack on Michelle Malkin.
It was obvious he hadn't read the book, and only wanted to attack Michelle. Michelle's account of the incident would be very funny if the ignorance and bias wasn't so sad. I especially love the part about MSNBC grabbing her copy of Unfit for Command after Matthew's booted her off the show! Seems it was the only copy of the book in the MSNBC studios. Thank God there were only me and about 5 others watching the show across the country.
The New York Times finally notices....in an attack on the Swiftees. With a chart! This PROVES the Swift Veterans have connections to Karl Rove and Kevin Bacon, er Mr. Bush!
In fact, the six degrees of separation was so absolutely iron clad, Kerry and company are running to the FEC to file a protest.
Yes, the Mainstream Media is finally outraged, demanding ANSWERS. Why won't Bush denounce these vile liars and their hate filled ad?
When will Mr. Bush admit the evil Karl Rove paid for those ads personally, from the money he personally stole from homeless orphans on the streets of Boston?
And finally, along about 2 this morning, the deflectors went to Maximum, with this:
It was 35 years ago, so what does it really matter if he was exaggerating? It's not really important. After all, its just about sex...er, war, er, er, er, er AND BESIDES, BUSH LIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEDDDD!!!!!!!

Yep, it would be really funny, if this election was being held in the 9/10/01 days.
Its not.
It's post 9/11, and we are at war.
And we are being asked by John Kerry to believe he will be more effective at fighting this war than President Bush.
Instead of answering the charges of lying for over 35 years about 3 months in Vietnam, Mr. Kerry has brought out the Clinton attack dogs.
Remember 1998?
Waiting from January to August, with lie after lie, day after day, until the DNA matched the stain on Monica's blue dress.
We don't have time for the Clinton game. or the Kevin Bacon game.
The 3000 dead from 9/11 won't stand for it.
Mr. Kerry needs to answer the charges, not attack Veterans, again.
He starts by signing the form releasing all his military records.
Mr. Bush did. That's why the press stopped the whole National Guard thing, until it was needed in desperation now. To see a comparison between the Mainstream Press' coverage of Bush's service and this story, click here.
The press then needs to ask the right questions.
And that may require a radical shift in who The Press is today.
This story has not been kept alive by The Old Journalism.
Its been kept alive by the blogosphere. Hugh Hewitt has an excellent rundown of the blogs that have been at the forefront of this story. You'll find a link to his site and book to the right.
After the questions have been asked, Mr. Kerry needs to answer them.
With documentation, if possible.
Not Paul Begala.
Not Chris Matthews.
Not The New York Times.
But John Kerry.
And soon.
Not in order to help his standing in the polls, but to maintain his standing of honor as a Veteran.
This nation is at war.
We can't afford to bring back The Clinton Games.

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