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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Soon, Swift and Short
A wonderful article from The Sun of London.
A few of my favorite quotes:
One of the first casualties of the conflict — apart from Saddam — is likely to be French President Jacques “The Worm” Chirac.

Relations between America and France are icy after Chirac’s attempts to sabotage UN moves to disarm Saddam.

In a blistering phone call last week, President George Bush told the posturing Frenchman: “President Chirac, we will not forgive and we will not forget.”

Leaders are being reminded of the huge sums in US aid which could be at risk if they vote with France.

Others who have stashed billions of corruptly-gained dollars in Swiss banks have been warned that American intelligence agencies know their account numbers.
Heh, heh heh.

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