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Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Theme is Freedom

I've linked one of my favorite works on Liberty, The Theme is Freedom in Liberty Recommends. Very much worth reading to understand what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they established this nation, and the freedoms we take for granted.

About the separation of Church and State, the wall was never meant to work both ways. Government should indeed stay out of religion. This does not mean the values of faith are to stay out of government. The Founding Fathers, including Jefferson, believed Judeo-Christian tradition and values were a cornerstone of government. Their fear was of government intrusion into religion, not the reverse. It remains the great threat to religious freedom today.

The link is to the Williamsburg Charter, a forthright re-evaluation of the 1st Amendment's religion clause. Government intrusion into religious matters is indeed to be feared, and fought at every turn. The Williamsburg Charter presents a well-balanced approach to the debate, and places responsibility for civil debate on both sides. Liberty Just in Case is a fine example of that ongoing tension.

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  1. In reading this post, I think my question would be this:

    If it is governments intrustion into religion that we were being protected against.. what of religion's intrusion into government? To say that the American founding fathers believed in the Judaeo-Christian system is to deny that they were not the founding PEOPLE upon this continent? What of those people and their system of government and religious practices? Once again, it is the Power Over that should be feared the most, in my opinion.

    What of the Salem Witch trials, in which religion made its way into the government and judicial system and numerous people were hung on Gallow's Hill and pressed to death, for crimes that later were 'retracted' and were based upon young, bored children's fantasies? Religion and the value system of which you speak, caused unnecessary death and this was but one case, of many. If today, we allow for the placement of the Ten Commandments in our nations school rooms, would the Christian population then welcome beside it, the Wiccan Rede? The sayings of the Buddha? La Vey's various statements? There can be no division of what should and must be allowed, if we allow for the establishment of the religious creed of one faith to hang upon the walls; we then must allow for all.

    I am a Pagan/Druid. This is who I am. I do not feel it necessary to hang my credo upon the walls of my public school in order to justify or issue moral command for others. I also do not feel that others should be allowed to do the same to me. Spirituality comes from within it is housed in the quiet places in our hearts, in which we find the balance that we may conduct our lives and our life's affairs. Morality and virtue is not learned by reading it upon a wall - it is learned through the oral lore that was handed down to us all from cradle to grave and it is exemplified by each person's actions to the healing and good of the whole of mankind.

    If we are to govern this country based upon the Judaeo-Christian system then we must accept that there are those amongst us who still should be subject to stoning at the outskirts of the city. That we should discontinue the Pork industry and probably should not have Tampax commercials on TV for all of these were considered taboo and "unclean" under those laws. Where then is the line drawn? Do we then pick and choose which of the commandments we will keep? Which of the laws were retracted under the New Testament? I believe it was Christs words that said "I do not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it." and further, "Not one part of the Law shall pass away until all be fulfilled.." (paraphrase)

    If by the bible's own code we will judge morality and virtue and allow for the same Judeo-Christian tradition and values to be our guide of government, then by all means, should that not be in the most strict interpretation thereof? If this be the case, then we have numerous "sinners" walking the halls of Congress and writing our law, while all the while placing the laws which condemn them upon the walls of our public establishments such as schools and courthouses.

    With all due respect, why not allow the code of humanity to govern? The code which though never plastered upon a wall has always been the wind of freedom in this land. "Allow me my space. Allow me to believe as my heart dictates. Allow me to worship as I will, where I will.. the God/dess as I understand them to be. Allow me to be fair with you, as you are to me. Allow me to define and live honor and then give to you the honor that is due to you by your personal actions. Allow me shelter and food and safe passage in your lands and I shall allow you the same within my own."
    This is true freedom to me. I believe it was this code that dictated the Native people's and defined their relationship to the Land, the Great Mother and to Father Sky. Who were we, as immigrants to this land to ever seek to establish new religions, new ways, usurping places of power and doing away with what had always worked before we had ever arrived? It is a bold and a prideful people that would do such a thing.

    Respectfully my brother, these are my opinions.