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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Supporting U.S. Avocado Growers

Mexico has won an important importation victory. From now on, many if not most of the avocadoes you will be seeing will come from there. If you want to support a California grower, go to Avohead.com. He's got some Christmas specials running right now. Support US growers.


  1. I want to support California growers, I live in California, BUT 2 dollers per avacodo in some places is ridiculous! The California growers better wake up and keep prices reasonable or I will be more than happy to buy Mexican avacados... I have a few friends who have avacado trees and they just fall off the tree... I don't see the justification for the high prices. I am trying to make a living too and in Cali sometimes we end up paying the most for everything from gas to avacados... it's a shame but I have to save $$ where I can.

  2. Makes perfect sense, voodoo. In general, I'm in favor of free markets, ans suspet the California growers will drop their prices accordingly. What do you think, Jorhay?