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Monday, September 02, 2002

Missing Peggy
One of the things I keep hearing from those of us who survived The Great Internet Purge at work is how much they miss my reminders to read the latest Peggy Noonan. I miss sending them out. It provided a connection to folks at work that gave me a reason to show up every morning. There are, of course, other reasons to go to the job. But the email banter back and forth helped keep us connected across the isolation of the cubicles. I think companies will come to realize in the future that the cohesiveness and connection employees share through the internet is worth a little bandwidth.

We had our obligatory open team meeting after the firings. I said Companies across the United States are trying to figure how to deal with the internet, how to control employee use. I said five years from now The Great Internet Purge will never happen. by that time, the internet will be a normal part of life at work, much as it is at home. The benefits of connecting employees will be realized as outweighing the need to control its use to save bandwidth, and supposedly increase productivity.

In the meantime, life continues outside the company we work for. It's important we stay involved.

There's an ancient Chinese blessing. "May you be blessed to live in uninteresting times." I think about that saying alot these days. We are blessed in so many ways, but certainly we are not blessed to live in uninteresting times. We instead live on one of those cusps of history, that one day will be talked about in textbooks. We watch truly historic events every day, as the War against Terrorism plays out. That's why folks like Peggy Noonan, Michael Kelly, and, yes, even Rush Limbaugh are important. They give a running commentary on huge events, and at their best, give voice to our own thoughts.

Peggy is still here, as are we. She still provides words to the feelings we have about 9/11/01. She still makes us aware of the greater world outside our own, of which we are a part.

I guess that's why I still do this site, to make myself, and others, more aware of that greater world. Like the disclaimer says, it helps keep me sane.

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