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Monday, September 02, 2002

Further Outrages From The People's Republic of California
Home Schooling is a growing movement across the country. To get children out of failing schools is a wonderful goal. It provides freedom for parents to teach their own values to their children, and limits government control Guess that's why California wants to make it illegal. Check out this quote:
In August, the Chino district's Casas sent out another letter to families who, according to their affidavit, appear to be home-schooling. He invited the families to "enroll in the district's home-based independent study program, a viable alternative to classroom instruction."

Among the benefits, he said, are "using state- and district-approved textbooks" and "being enrolled in an approved" program, school and district.

Isn't part of the reason for home schooling to get away from State approved textbooks. Be sure to read the article, especially the part about "home visits." Chilling.

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