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Friday, August 23, 2002

Media Bias on Parade
Here's what you need to do to really understand this post.
Read the first few paragraphs of either of these stories. Then come back.
New York Times
The Washington Post
Okay, done? Good.
Here's the lead paragraph from The New York Times story, since I have no doubt most of you skipped the articles : - ) :
The nation's secret intelligence court has identified more than 75 cases in which it says it was misled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in documents in which the bureau attempted to justify its need for wiretaps and other electronic surveillance, according to the first of the court's rulings to be released publicly

Question: When do you assume those 75 cases of being misled occurred? Well, obviously now since the court refused ASHCROFT'S request, right?
Here's the next quote from the same story, waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy at the bottom:

The opinion said that in September 2000, "the government came forward to confess errors in 75 FISA applications related to major terrorist attacks directed against the United States — the errors related to misstatements and omissions of material facts."

Yep, September of 2000. Who was in charge of the Justice Department at that time? A current candidate for governor of Florida, Janet Reno. Who was still President, why The Big Creep himself.

Final quote, from the LA Times, at the very bottom, literally the last paragraph of their story:

Justice Department officials also stressed that the 75 cases cited in the May ruling occurred before President Bush took office, and said that the problems were corrected by a succession of legal reforms within the department over the last two years.

They cited a speech given last year in which Lamberth credited Ashcroft for ensuring that all FISA applications were "well scrubbed" and free of inaccuracies that had plagued earlier applications. "The process is working," Lamberth said in the speech.

"A lot of the old problems had been remedied," Comstock said.

Lamberth was one of the Judges, Comstock is Mr Ashcroft's spokeswoman.

Point is, the mainstream media will do anything to bring down John Ashcroft, and the main target, George W Bush.
Even distort the truth.

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