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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Franklin Graham Carries on The Tradition
It's hard to be an Evangelical Christian in this culture. I admire Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, for sticking to his guns. I heard his interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday night. He was polite, but stuck to his beliefs. He has a right to those beliefs, even though they may not be what Liberals want him to believe.

I also heard Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American Islamic Relations or CAIR the next night on Hannity. The contrast between him and Mr Graham was, to say the least, striking. Mr Graham did not, as this site claims, smear Islam. He did present facts about Islam that this organization would rather not have broadcast, however.
By the way, Sean Hannity is on WLS 890 in the Chicago area, from 9pm to midnight, Monday through Friday. This is a tape delay of his show done live earlier in afternoon.
He is also on at 8pm on The Fox NewsChannel Monday through Friday.
He is one of the up and coming conservative voices in this country, and a committed Christian himself.

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