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Friday, June 28, 2002

I've been trying to put some kind of perspective on the corporate meltdowns. I know people in St Charles, IL who have lost their jobs through Arthur Andersen, and others who work for WorldCom. I think Peggy Noonan has it about right today. It's not so much a scandal as a tragedy. I especially like these seven principles of a corporation. How does yours match up to these?

Edward Younkins of the Acton Institute distills Mr. Novak's philosophy into "Seven Great Responsibilities for Corporations": satisfy customers with good services of real value; make a reasonable return to investors; create new wealth; create new jobs; defeat cynicism and envy by demonstrating internally that talent and hard work will and can be rewarded; promote inventiveness, ingenuity and creativity; diversify the interests of the republic

All this requires morality, and employers and employees with ethics and Character, who can see beyond the bottom line. Ethics and Character were out of fashion in the last decade of the twentieth century. About time for a comeback, don't you think? Maybe the comeback of Character has begun under the Radar. Take a look at the story below this one, from Breakpoint.

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