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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Is Barack Obama a Socialist? You May Be Surprised at My Answer

When you are hooked on politics as I am, it's easy to answer questions like the above quickly. Name a conservative talk show host, and you can be pretty sure they would answer the question with a resounding yes.

But he's not. Nor is he evil incarnate, the Anti-Christ, or the reincarnation of Lenin.

Saying such things simply makes you look crazy.  And crazy doesn't win elections.

Obama is a big government liberal. Period.

He believes government, specifically the Federal government, is the change agent needed to help individuals.

He wants more government, not less.

If you want that, vote for him.  And vote for those like him.

Government is a poor change agent. Individual initiative is a better one.

That message wins elections. Always has. Always will.

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