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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The State of the Union-Good; The State of the Democrat Party-Not So Much

There's a great line from one of the Die Hard Movies, "I don't like you because you're gonna get me killed!" My attitude toward the Defeatocrat party in a nutshell. They were in full flower last night, far more enthusiastic about defeating Social Security reform than fighting terrorists, and refusing to give up obstructionism as their primary, indeed only, philosophy of government.

But this philosophy of obstruction will get me killed, and hundreds of thousands of other Americans along with me. I have only to look back at 9/11 to see the consequences of the Defeatocrat philosophy. And I have only to look at Flight 93 to see the first heroes of World War IV.

One of the Defeatocrat leaders, Mother Sheehan, was led out before the State of the Union, as the base of the Defeatocrat Party stood outside, banging pots and pans. They were desperately seeking to drown out how desperately out of touch they are from the rest of America. But truth is hard to shout down, and no amount of leftist whining will change that.

One thing the Left has managed to do is take our eyes off the war we are engaged in. When they say they are protesting "the war," they mean Iraq. Yet the War is far more than one front, and the Iraqi front, while important, is but one front in a greater war against Islamo-Fascism. It's as though they were protesting our invasion of North Africa in WWII because Hitler didn't directly attack us at Pearl Harbor. How foolish. How obstructionist. How dangerous should the Defeatocrats regain power.

Some of my best friends are from the left side of the aisle. They are great people, well meaning and sincere. But, when it comes to the security of this nation, "I don't like you because you're gonna get me killed!" And, after four years of war, my patience with their continued obstructionism has worn thin. The time for argument and debate is past. War has come, and the only way to peace is through victory over the terrorists who threaten us, in Iraq, in Iran, and through out the globe. Victory is not assured until this nation commits to total war, as we did in The Great War, and again in WWII. The President once again issued that call to total war and total victory last night. And the Defeatocrats banged their pots and pans...

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