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Friday, November 07, 2003

Its been an odd week for me. My wife decided to run my car through the wash with the antenna up. The car was quite clean, the antenna quite broken. Also broken was my link to talk radio on my hour and a half drive to and from work. No more Spike O'Dell or Don Wade and Roma in the morning.
No more Rush fill-ins at noon,
and no more Hugh Hewitt on the drive home.

In its place, the book tape version of April 1865, the Month that Changed America. Can't think of any book more timely, as we continue this war, than to contemplate the last time this country was under attack on its own soil, that time by its own people.

I was listening to the story of the brave and honorable Robert E Lee, as the Democrats attacked their own over a flag.
I was listening to the howling voices of capitulation, as Lincoln steadfastly kept his eyes on the goal of Union, above all else. In the present, the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence were caught politicizing the war.

I was hearing the voices of the thousands dying in The Wilderness, as today's press wailed over the loss of a few soldiers cleaning up the mess that is Iraq.

I guess, in many ways, I wasn't so out of touch after all.

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