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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Okay, something you should know about me.
I read.
Left, Right.
Up, Down.
You name it.
Once in a while I come across a book that makes me stop and reevaluate much of everything else I've read on a topic
That's what Ann Coulter's new book Treason does.
Here's a test.
What is your initial reaction to this name from history. Senator Joseph McCarthy?
More than likely, the same as mine.
Here are some words that come to mind.
Out of control
Witch hunt.
You may find other words after reading Ann Coulter's book.
Oh, by the way.
One of the main sources she cites is a thing called The Venona Project.
If you are like me, you've never heard of it.
We should have.
Below is the opening paragraph describing the project, from the National Security Agency's website.

In July 1995 the Intelligence Community ended a 50-year silence regarding one of cryptology's most splendid successes - the VENONA Project. VENONA was the codename used for the U.S. Signals Intelligence effort to collect and decrypt the text of Soviet KGB and GRU messages from the 1940's. These messages provided extraordinary insight into Soviet attempts to infiltrate the highest levels of the United States Goverment.

A little history lesson.
Most people over 30 are familiar with a famous couple that was executed for spying in the fifties?
Do you believe Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were Communist Spies, beyond doubt?
Your answer to that will reveal alot about your political leanings,and your news reading habits.
Have you noticed the defense of the Rosenbergs stopped a few years ago?
Probably not. Noone made a big deal about it.
The mainstream media simply didn't mention the names any more.
The defense stopped in 1995, the year The Venona Project was made public.
Any guess what Julius Rosenberg's codename was, according to intercepted KGB messages?
Go figure.

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