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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

This Is What Got Me Started
There are alot of weblogs, or blogs, out there. More all the time. They most assuredly fill a need in the journalism community, rather journalists like it or not.
How Weblogs Keep the Media Honest (washingtonpost.com)
Michael Kelley
The Anti-U.S. Tide Turns (washingtonpost.com)
This Is a Huge Story
Hadley Arkes on the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act on National Review Online
Another win for School Choice
OpinionJournal - Outside the Box

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

F-16s dispatched to chase.....something
What the heck do you make of this? Art Bell, where are you?
Trust in a Climate of Distrust
This is a profound look at what has happened to trust in government.
This paragraph is especially poignant:
Where there is trust, the very whisper of mistrust would be enough to make a government official resign. In such a case the unusualness of suspicion's being directed at him would make him a distraction to his colleagues and his party and to government institutions in general. But where mistrust is the order of the day and scandal, or pseudo-scandal, has become routine, there is no trust to be undermined. Nowadays officials from the president on down are mistrusted from their first day in office by the opposition and the media, at least, and so there becomes no way of distinguishing between this routine mistrust and that which genuinely might require a resignation or a dismissal.
Where's Janet Reno When You Need Her?
I would suppose this will get a whole lot more press coverage than the hundred thousand that marched on Washington against abortion last year. Even if only a thousand show up. You Gotta (Dis)Believe
When Do Those FBI Reforms Start?
What a farce. Looks like the FBI still doesn't have it's act together. This is my favorite quote:
Former CIA ( news - web sites) counterterrorism expert Vincent Cannistraro said relying on the public to do intelligence work is dangerous.
"It may be looked on as a large resource for law enforcement. On the other hand, it does lend itself to massive cases of abuse," Cannistraro said. "When it comes to monitoring the Internet and exploiting it, you have to leave it to the professionals."

And who would these Professionals be? They obviously aren't at the FBI.

Meanwhile, Al Quaeda certainly hasn't stopped using the net. Here's a good summary of the threat, and some of the solutions.

What a wonderful book review. It's so nice to see the New York Sun on the internet.
The Myths of Communism
Religious Conservatives Against John Ashcroft
Last week the New York Times had a front page snowjob on Conservative Christians supposed dissatisfaction with the Attorney Journal.
There are "religious fundamentalists" who are unhappy with Mr Ashcroft, and view him as a significant threat. But it's not the mythical "Religious Right."
O'Neal vs Rubin
Smackdown on Meet the Press
Now This Kind of Protest Might Work
Thousands of Palestinians Defy Curfew (washingtonpost.com)

Monday, July 29, 2002

The Democratic Strategy: Pray For a Recession
.Most of the discussion at the Democrats' session Monday focused on the nation's economic woes, however.
In his call for economic action, Daschle cited the rescue of coal miners in Pennsylvania and the heroism of passengers of United Flight 93 who fought terrorist kidnappers.
"We can certainly overcome our current economic difficulties," Daschle said. "We can create jobs and get our economy moving. All we need is a realistic plan."

Right now the plan seems to be, hope the economy keeps going south and that more Americans suffer
Clinton and Nixon: At Least Nixon Kept His Hands Off The Interns
Looks like Nixon wasn't the only President to use the IRS against his enemies.
Son of Osama
This is the best evidence we've had that Bin Laden is really dead. The evil continues however.
More Muslims are Home Schooling
Now here's an interesting twist on the home schooling movement.
Bruce Springsteen has a new album, coming out of 9/11/01. Here is a review.
The Western Front looks at coming back to work in the buildings around Ground Zero. Life tries to get back to what it was before 9/11/01, but reminders keep popping up that life isn't normal, and never will be again. It's important to remember that, as the press goes after the Administration. Check out this story from the Washington Post. Fortunately there are sites like National Review. Check out the exchange between Rohrbacher and Lee, toward the middle of the article.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

I find this story disturbing for a lot of reasons. Hearing Republicans talk like Democrats is always disconcerting, and usually means more caving in. This "Corporate Crime" bill is being lauded by the Press and other Democrats. You'd think by now the Republicans would know that's a bad sign, but they are so anxious to hold on to the slim majority they have in the House, they can't see what this does to the Conservative base that put them there in the first place. In a mid term election, your base is what keeps you in office. Tom Delay calling CEOs "Corporate Kingpins" does not play to that base, but to the media.
When Is It Wrong To Apologize?
Here is a good summary of the cause and some of the solutions to the problem of wildfires in the west.
What an amazing story. Here's the story from the Johnsburg, PA paper, The Tribune-DemocratThe Miners Are Found

Friday, July 26, 2002

The difference between Hamas and Israel
Read this and then tell me who is more concerned about killing innocent civilians.
Well. This is scary.
U.S. Embassies Alerted to Threats (washingtonpost.com)
I think Peggy Noonan has defined why I do this site. In my own way, I'm keeping notes on the strange times we live in. OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan Days of Lore

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Another creepy creature
Here's a picture of the The Snakefish. It's also called The Frankenfish. Apparently it eats any other fish around it, then gets out of the water and WALKS to the next pond, river, lake etc. Between this and the Amoebas, I'm not sure I want to even go near my kids wading pool. Jeez!
Give 'em A Little Extra
That was my Father-in-Law's favorite phrase. In keeping with that, here's more on what is really going on with Dick Cheney and Haliburton.
Byron York on Dick Cheney & Halliburton on National Review Online
Major League Baseball's Deathwish
I've just started following this story. It looks reallly bad. And for the strike to hit around Sept 11 will just make it worse.
Baseball's issues give sponsors pause -- The Washington Times
Here's a story out of Brooklyn that illustrates what baseball is really all about.
What an awful story. Not real good for the Florida tourist industry either.
United Press International: Amoebas attack boy's brain
Here is the other story for the election summer. Priscilla Owen
You'll be hearing alot about her, most of it shrill, hysterical and distorted.
CNN.com - Owen raps interest groups at hearing - July 23, 2002
You keep hearing three words linked together this summer. Haliburton, Cheney and SEC probe. Innuendo is a wonderful thing in an election summer. Here's what is really going on. OpinionJournal - Featured Article
Traficant Update
House Expels Ohio Rep. Traficant (washingtonpost.com)

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

The headline reads
U.S. says taking Hamas revenge threat seriously
As Dani would say, Ya think?

Traficant Update:
Well, it's over. Only the second expulsion from the House of Representatives since the Civil War.
No more "Beam me up, Scotty!" Traficant put on quite a show. The more I hear him, the more I wonder....Is he guilty? When I hear the charges, and the certainty from the House members standing for conviction, I say, yep, he's guilty. Can ya tell I'm on the fence hear. Tonight was either a proud example of what makes this Republic tick, or a very dark day. It really isn't black and white to me. At least not yet....
Take a look at Mr. Traficant's website, while it's still there.
A preview of tonite's Trafficant show
USATODAY.com - Traficant promises grand finale if expelled
A Victory in the War on Terrorism
Cash crunch pushes Sri Lanka to peace -- The Washington Times
A review of the toll the stock market crash has taken on marriages.
Stocks’ decline roils marriages
What a fascinating look at Muslims in Europe. Partisan Review
I'm not so much impressed by her heroics, as saddened by her environment.
Philadelphia Daily News | 07/24/2002 | Erica is her own hero
Walter Williams gives a great summay of why vouchers are important.
TownHall.com: Conservative Columnists: Walter Williams
This is exactly what Conservative Episcopalians and Anglicans feared from the Archbishop of Canterbury-Elect. This could hasten the split that has been brewing for a while.
Here's another story, with more details about his leanings.
If you ever needed a reason for why President Bush opposed the UN World Court, read this from Drudge:

Palestinian Authority plans to accuse Ariel Sharon in front of International Criminal Court
Tue Jul 23 2002 22:55:55 ET

The Palestinian Authority will file a complaint with the newly established International Criminal Court over the Israeli air strike on Gaza City which killed 15 people, including civilians and children, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's top adviser said.

"We will ask the ICC for an urgent trial over the crime against humanity carried out last night by the occupation forces," Nabil Abu Rudeina said, in reference to the Israeli missile attack, which killed the leader of the radical group Hamas' armed wing.


"This will be a real test for this court. We hope the trial will start immediately, to look into Sharon's policies, which have destroyed the peace process and all international efforts to put it back on track," Rudeina told Agence France-Presse.

The ICC investigates and prosecutes alleged crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. Its jurisdiction began on July 1, but Israel is one of several countries which have refused to ratify its 1998 founding treaty.
Brent Bozell has it right.
You never heard the phrase "Judicial Watch" from any news source without the word "Conservative" in front of it. But not now. This is a great column.
Oh this was good! It's not often I print out a column, being the environmentalist you all know I am...ahem. Anyway, great column by Michael Kelly!!!!
Do Have a Nice Day (washingtonpost.com)
And here I thought Country music was safe.
It's not likely you will be hearing this song coming from my CD player.
Soooo, what are your plans for February 1, 2019?
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Space rock 'on collision course'
Let's say a Republican tried to do this. How many networks would the story have been on? And, what would have been the lead story on the Today Show?
Daschle seeks environmental exemption -- The Washington Times

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

This is one of those days when Best of the Web just has to be linked directly. There is just too much good stuff to link separately.
OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today
Well, this certainly makes sense. Frightening in many ways, but it makes sense.
Husbands forget spats, wives never do -- The Washington Times
Glass Houses, again
Joe Lieberman's reluctance
Remember that post about the Jewish Temple? One of the requirements for priesthood is to be a direct descendant of Aaron and Moses, a member of the Cohanim. . Looks like preparations were made to keep this tribe genetically intact....in India.
India's children of Israel find their roots - The Times of India

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Bob Brinker had some good insights into the stock market on Sunday. He spoke at length about how both the media and the politicians are busily talking down the market for their own reasons. Bob Brinker's website is a great place to visit for some common sense, panic free information on the stock market and what will likely happen in the future.
World com has filed for bankruptcy.

Is anyone really surprised?
Here's a fascinating interview with the new Chief Information Officer for the FBI. Talk about a tough job. He is to be in charge of upgrading computer systems dating back 20 years. On the second page, he talks about his 3 primary goals. This is worth reading.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Goodbye Dad

Its not that there isn't alot of news out there. Check some of the links at the right for what's going on. Just a little too sad to write today. A good man died on Wednesday. Here's the link to the Obituary. Since it's unlikely they will keep it active for long, here it is as well. Few of the people reading this will know George Essig. That's a shame. He was worth knowing. I wish I had known him better.



George L. Essig

George L. Essig of St. Charles Mass of Christian Burial for George L. Essig, 84, will be held at 11 a.m. today, at St. Patrick Church, 408 Cedar St., St. Charles. The Rev. Joseph Linster will be the celebrant. Born July 30, 1917, in Bellwood, the son of George A. and Anna (nee Korrell) Essig, he died Wednesday, July 17, 2002, at his home. Burial will be in Resurrection Cemetery, Geneva. Mr. Essig's parents moved to St. Charles in 1921. George's father started the Essig Hardware Store in St. Charles, which was in business until the 1970s. George attended St. Patrick School and graduated from Marmion Military Academy in Aurora on an academic scholarship. After 60 years in the steel forging business, George retired as executive vice president of Federal Forge Company in Lansing, Mich. George and Mary Ronan were married on June 28, 1941, at St. Patrick Church, St. Charles. Throughout life, George's family, friends and business associates respected and loved him for his commitment to his Catholic faith, his positive attitude to "give 'em a little extra," a tremendous interest in people, and his love of learning. He is survived by his precious wife of 61 years, Mary; awesome children, Anne (Jim) Matteoni of Kansas City, Kan., Kathleen (Tom) Martinek of Greensboro, N.C., George (Theresa) Essig of San Diego, Calif., Stephen (Patricia) Essig of Naperville, Martin (Eileen) Essig of Mequon, Wis., Jane (Mark) Schoomaker of Calgary, Canada, Julia (Luis) Garza of Boulder, Colo., and Mary (Mark) White of St. Charles; 27 grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren. In addition to his parents, George was preceded in death by his sisters, Esther Marie Essig, Shirley Essig Winston and Gladys Essig Barnes; and brothers, Raymond Essig and Wilfrid Essig. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Jesuit Community of Loyola University, 6525 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60626; Huntington's Disease Society of America, Generation 2000 Campaign, 158 W. 29th St., New York, NY 10011-5300; or to DuPage PADS, 705 W. Liberty, Wheaton, IL 60187. Arrangements were made by Norris Funeral Home, St. Charles. Friends may visit www.dailyherald.com/obits to express condolences and sign the guest book. For more funeral information, (630)584-2000 or www.NorrisFH.com.
Published in the Chicago Suburban Daily Herald from 7/19/2002 - 7/20/2002.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Had the opposite occurred, it would have been the lead story on all 3 networks, plus several hours of coverage would have ensued on CNN and MSNBC, with Phil Donahue cheering for the hecklers.

It didn't. The crowd supported George Bush. This is why you heard nothing about it from the mainstream media.
Cheers drown out jeers at Bush Michigan speech -- The Washington Times
Well, had just a few minutes. The wake is at 4:00 pm, the Funeral tomorrow.
My father in law was born in 1917, he died in 2002. What a staggering amount of history he saw. When the dust settles, I may spend some time reflecting on the history seen in those years, and posting some thoughts. See ya!
I love the last paragraph of this report on the latest polls on Mr Bush:

The polls do agree on one important question: The Post found the president's job-approval rating to be 72 percent, while the Times placed it at 70 percent. Still, the two papers' surveys seem to be the product of alternate universes in opinion polling. And there is, unfortunately, no way to fully compare the two. While the Post's editors have posted the entire results on their website (you can read them here), the Times's editors have chosen not to release their full results. When it comes to the Times's conclusion that the poll shows "considerable peril" for the White House, you'll just have to trust them.

And we all know how fair and balanced the New York Times is, right?
Ann Coulter writes about one of the most influential women in the last half of the 20th century. You won't hear her mentioned in any feminist literature, except possibly with a profanity in front of it.
Here's Peggy for today, folks. I've barely had time to skim it.
The wake is tonite, the funeral tomorrow morning at 11.
For those of you at good ole' UBH, hope things are going well. I'll see ya on Tuesday.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

A Third Jewish Temple

If you've read any of the Left Behind series, this is the kind of story that gives you the chills. There is a movement in Israel to rebuild the Temple. Here's a little history on the first two, and why the rebuilding of The Temple is important to both Jews and Christians. Also, a link showing the progress being made to get everything prepared for when it is built.
Here's an odd eye witness to the latest homicide bombings in Tel Aviv.
The House 911 Report

Congress spent a whole lot of money on this report. Of course, saying Congress spent money is alot like saying the sun will rise this morning, but anyway....
It's a strong report, stating publicly much that is obvious, but needed to be made official. The most striking section advocates HUMINT, human intelligence. In other words, real agents doing more than staring at a computer screen. This has been a long time coming. I hope the meat of the report, which is still confidential, has specific suggestions on how to bring back human intelligence to our intelligence services. Here is a decent summary of the report from FoxNews.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

This is turning into a very bad week. First the asthma kicks up, and now my Father-in-law dies today. As the disclaimer says, family is a priority. I'll be in and out, so check in every once in a while over the next week or so. And yes, Lorrie, I will do my best to post Peggy Noonan on Friday.
The latest from Michael Kelly. Looks like The Washington Post changed the name of the column. Townhall.com titles this Those in Glass Houses. Now where have I heard that theme before????
Noone is doing a better job of dealing with the latest Democratic attacks than Byron York of National Review. This story was originally published in Spring of 1999. There has not been a better summay of Mr Bush's buisness dealings before becoming Governor of Texas. It leaves out alot of little detailes, but those have been filled in by Mr York in previous stories. Click the link to National Review for more on that.
And Another From The Glass Houses Dept, this time Mr Daschle's right hand man.

Corzine tied to stock scheme -- The Washington Times

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Another Story From the Glass Houses Dept.

Those Democrats just keep throwing rocks....
By the way, doesn't Terry McAuliffe remind you of a used car salesman? I mean no offense to used car salesman, but really.....
Tony sent me this. It makes sense, in a sick sort of way.....
Some Investment Advice
If you had bought $1000.00 worth of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now
be worth $49.00.
With Enron, you would have $16.50 of the original $1,000.00.
With WorldCom, you would have less than $5.00 left.
If you had bought $1,000.00 worth of Budweiser (the beer, not the stock) one
year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for the 10 cent
deposit, you would have $214.00.
Based on the above, my current investment advice is to drink heavily and

Hard to argue with that kind of advice.
Another perspective on suicide bombings in Israel. It's not just Jews being killed, but Christians as well.
WorldNetDaily: Christians also victims of Islamic terror
These continuing horror stories out of Saudi Arabia are troubling. There are so many, from multiple sources, that I could post all day and never get through them all. This one from the Washington Times is a good summary.
Saudi friends? -- The Washington Times

Monday, July 15, 2002

I haven't seen Road to Perdition yet, but this review by John Podheretz sure makes me want to. It was made in Geneva, Illinois last summer, but because they completely redid the buildings, you may not recognize it. On the other hand, leaving the Starbuck's sign up may have been a bit out of place in a movie set in the 1940's. It'll be the only time you will see anything advertised for five cents in a Starbucks window though.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Something completely different. The kids and I did KFC the other night. This link will take you to a fast food calorie counter. It's very interesting, in a depressing sort of way.
This little story from Human Events is just plain fun. They ask Senators this question:

Given the 9th Circuit Court’s recent decision on the Pledge of Allegiance, would you vote to confirm an atheist to the Supreme Court?

The answers are priceless. My favorite is Zell Miller:

Given the 9th Circuit Court’s recent decision on the Pledge of Allegiance, would you vote to confirm an atheist to the Supreme Court?

Sen. Zell Miller (D.-Ga.): Nope.

Zell is a whole lot better Republican than most of the Republicans in the Senate.
What the heck? Spanish warships are headed for....Morocco???? Looks like a serious war is on the horizon between Spain and Morocco over several islands off the Moroccan coast. Stay tuned.
Well, Osama may be alive after all, at least according to this story out of Germany. It wouldn't surprise me, but it still makes me wonder where that mythical Fourth of July Video went to. Must have gotten lost in the mail or something....

Friday, July 12, 2002

I'm an Episcopalian. I grew up Southern Baptist, and still love that Faith Tradition. But I also very much love the Liturgy, and find the Prayer Book a wonderful comfort. That's part of why this story by Dr. Mullen (Dr Mullen is the rector of St. Michael's, Cornhill, in the City of London and chaplain to the London Stock Exchange) so deeply disturbing. The current Archbishop of Canterbury is an evangelical, and relatively conservative. It's apparent this new nominee will further divide the Anglican Communion.

For those who aren't privy to this family fight, a little explanation.
The Episcopal Church is primarily a very Liberal denomination. Many bishops and rectors jettisoned The Faith long ago, and embraced a fuzzy form of Christianity that leaves Christ out.

The denomination's most famous representative is John Shelby Spong. The link will take you to a critique of his theology from Probe. He is, in this writer's opinion, a heretic. .

There is in the Episcopal Church a guerilla war. Conservative Evangelicals are working hard to bring about change. We have looked to the Archbishop of Canterbury for some inspiration, or at least knowledge that attack will not come from that quarter. That may change, if Dr. Mullen is correct. I fear he is.
John Podheretz has it just about right. His analysis of the two political parties makes a lot of sense.Let's hope he isn't right about the conclusion of what he calls "the melodrama."
Take a look at this. I wish this mother had spoken out sooner, like before the father used his daughter to push his own atheist agenda to remove God from the Pledge. Ties in well wtith the story below it on the ACLU agenda.
About the best look at the true agenda of the ACLU I've read. Valerie will love this.
Michael Novak on U.S. Founding & Religion on National Review Online
Remember what I said the other day about Glass Houses? That tinkling sound is from Mr Gephardt's neighborhood
Gephardt's Loan Problems, from DrudgeReport
Here's the "more on that later" as promised on the latest Democratic attacks. Again, from the Wall Street Journal.

Easier reading than yesterday's peice by Byron York, but covers the same ground.
Oh, this is a good one from Peggy Noonan. Gotta tell ya, I've been feeling a little down of late. I think alot of folks have as they watch their stocks tank, hear new attacks on Mr Bush (more on that later) and see the New Economy melt right back into the Old Economy. It seems like the energy and patriotism we found after 9/11 just kinda melted along with the stock market.

This article makes a difference, and puts a little needed perspective back where it should be. Thngs are different, yet the same in a good way. Pat Tillman's enlistment makes me realize that.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Here is the story about a very ,ahem, large problem in the Kane County, Illinois coroners office, as promised.
Corpulent corpses burden west suburban coroner
Here is a wonderful look at how taxes are hurting younger Americans. Great reading if you are under 50. if you are prone to rage attacks however, take a xanax before clicking on the link.
I promised some folks yesterday a story about the problems in the Kane County Illinois coroner's office. It was on the DrudgeReport for only a couple of hours, then poof, it was gone. I tried the Daily Southtown last night, and still couldn't find it. If I run across it, I'll let people know.
This is a major editorial statement from National Review. Yes, I know, a little boring, but worth plowing through. It supports my argument that Mr Bush is looking for ethics, the Media and other Democrats are only looking for new laws, and therefore more government involvement.
NR Editors on Corporate Corruption on National Review Online
I've sort of been on a soapbox about who is really to blame for the forest fires in the west. Here's more proof of who is destroying the forests. Hint: It isn't the Boy Scouts.
OpinionJournal - Scene & Heard
This has been bubbling out there for awhile. Remember the old line about people who live in glass houses?

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Okay, can we pleeeeaaaassse put this whole Democratic attack on Bush about Harkin energy to rest? Byron York, again, tells what is known. The questions being asked by Mr Daschle, Terry McAuliffe et al all come down to this: Is George W. Bush basically honest and ethical? The resounding answer, again and again, is yes. Again and again, they have attacked his integrity, his basic moral character.

The idea behind the attack is that since Clinton was attacked for eight years, primarily on the basis of his character, surely Mr Bush can be attacked on the same grounds. Here's the difference. Can you honestly say that William J. Clinton is basically honest and ethical? Deep down in your soul, can you honestly say that? Didn't think so. I don't know many people who can say that.

You can make that claim about George W Bush, and have evidence from the past 9 months to back it up. Can you make the same claim about ANY nine month period of the Clinton Administration? Go ahead, give it a shot.

Read the article by Byron York. Makes a whole lot of sense. More sense than Tom Daschle, etc.
Walter Williams takes a break from The Speech, to give an insightful look at how airport security fits into the "Civic Religion of Liberalism." I like that phrase.
The general idea behind this morning's editorials on The Speech from yesterday is that it was pretty good, but a little late.
Michael Kelly certainly thinks so, as does the lead editorial from The Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Well folks, Mr Bush gave The Speech today. The difference between Mr Bush and the Democrats is this:
Mr Bush speaks of ethics and integrity, Mr Daschle et al. speak of more laws.
The difference is striking, and profound.
Here's the heart of the speech, and a glimpse into the heart of the President.

Tougher laws and stricter requirements will help. It will help. Yet, ultimately, the ethics of American business depend on the conscience of America's business leaders. We need men and women of character who know the difference between ambition and destructive greed, between justified risks and irresponsibility, between enterprise and fraud.

Our schools of business must be principled teachers of right and wrong and not surrender to moral confusion and relativism.

Our leaders of business must set high and clear expectations of conduct, demonstrated by their own conduct. Responsible business leaders do not jump ship during hard times. Responsible leaders do not collect huge bonus packages when the value of their company dramatically declines. Responsible leaders do not take home tens of millions of dollars in compensation as their companies prepared to file for bankruptcy, devastating the holdings of their investors.

Everyone in a company should live up to high standards, but the burden of leadership rightly belongs to the chief executive officer. CEOs set the ethical direction for their companies. They set a moral tone by the decisions they make, the respect they show their employees and their willingness to be held accountable for their actions. They set a moral tone by showing their disapproval of other executives who bring discredit to the business world.

It starts at the top. "It" can be either the corruption, or the ethics that have made American Capitalism function.
Maybe there are still a few men like Ted Williams out there. What a great story.
Yahoo! News - NFL Player Gives Up Millions for Army
For those of you that keep hearing about Worldcom, but never really knew what they did or why they fell, this is a great primer. John C. Wohlstetter on WorldCom on National Review Online
Oh, what a wonderfully complete analysis of Saudi Arabia, and the desperate need for a change in our policy toward them.

Monday, July 08, 2002

It looks like the Media, and the rest of the Democrats are striking out again, according to the Gallup Poll. . Ah well, they will keep trying, I'm sure.
It's not often that The Washington Times mentions Schaumburg Illinois, and even less often in relation to a possible terrorist find.
Concise analysis of the "Pledge" decision, and the real problem behind it.
Dov B. Fischer on Pledge of Allegiance & Judges on National Review Online
Best obituary I've read on Ted Williams. It begs the question, How many of the current Major Leaguers have volunteered for the current war? They will certainly have the free time to serve their country if they go on strike again.
Geoffrey Norman on Ted Williams on National Review Online
We've all managed to move on after Sept. 11. At least we think we have. The Western Front reminds us that we have all changed since that day. He also gives a reminder that New Yorkers have probably changed the most.

Saturday, July 06, 2002

If you have ever read The Lord of the Rings, and know anything about this World Court, you will love this article. It presents in sharp terms why the World Court is such an awful idea.
Is there really any doubt in your mind that Thursday's shooting at LAX was a terrorist attack? It's time we listened to Israel a little more, like in this column from the Jerusalem Post.
This story is front page in The Washington Post, but Space.com always gives more details.
Russia Proposes Sending Team to Mars

Friday, July 05, 2002

Rule Number One:
If the attack plan is printed in the New York Times, IT AIN'T THE PLAN THEY WILL USE!
U.S. Plan for Iraq Is Said to Include Attack on 3 Sides
A good summary of the Supreme Court decisions this term, by one of this country's foremost jurists, Kenneth Starr.
OpinionJournal - Featured Article

Thursday, July 04, 2002

I came across this site called The Color of Thieves over the weekend. Great stuff, and obviously Wesley is also a fan of Peggy Noonan too.
Sign the petition for a constitutional amendment protecting the Pledge of Allegiance.
Millions of Americans-Protect the Pledge of Allegiance!
A good look at the need for protection of American citizens across the world.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

After that last post, I had to go wash my hands. Now I'm back, with a great look at Tom Daschle's latest silliness. It's a shame he isn't running for reelection this year.
This is soooo hard for me. I can't stand this woman, I really can't. But I sure agree with Hillary on this one. I can't believe I wrote that. Sigh.
What a wonderful nation we live in when Ann Coulter's book Slander winds up Number One on the New York Times best seller list.
Michael Kelly is apparently off today, but Walter Williams is alive and well, spreading capitalism wherever he goes.
Folks, skip the usual specials on ABC and other stations, and watch this as part of your 4th of July celebrations.Here is the direct link to the PBS special to be shown July 4th evening.
Rediscovering George Washington | PBS

Here is a review of the special from National Review.
here we go. Enron didn't work, they found Bush wasn't stupid, so now they are going back to the drawing board. Byron York on Bush & Democrats on National Review Online
Military history is making a come back. It's about time.
Victor Davis Hanson on Military History on National Review Online
A gift for the 4th of July, an extra Peggy Noonan on a Wednesday! A Celebration of what is right and good in the United States of America.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Dick Morris has a fascinating look at the war in the White House, or rather the war inside the chief resident of the White House.
An analysis of the latest gallup poll on the upcoming elections. Good news if you are a Republican, not so good if you are a Democrat.
Take a look at what this man is really like. This is from the New York Times, which did it's best to present him in a positive light. He still comes off looking like a wacko.
'Under God' Iconoclast Looks to Next Targets
Here's a classic Opinion Journal with too many good links to print separately.
This is an editorial that needed to be written ten years ago. Greens Go Up In Smoke.I have yet to see a report in the mainstream media on the growing anger in Arizona and Colorado toward the misguided policies of the environmentalists. Even the summaries from the Arizona papers print the defense of the environmentalist, but fail to print the editorial condemning the policies. Scroll to the bottom of the link to see for yourself. I guess the fires have not come close enough to the editorial staff of the local newspapers.
A wonderful look at how the music industry continues to shoot itself in the foot by not understanding the internet culture.
Chicago Tribune | Technology is movies' angel, music industry's devil
Here we are worrying about bombs on airplanes when we should be worrying about rather the flight crew was bombed. Sigh.
Chicago Tribune | Fla. Police: Pilots Were Drunk
If you don't know who J.C. Watts is, take a look at this.
It was not unusual to have a kid come on the psych unit due to their first psychotic break. Many times the break was related to their first use of marijauna. This is the first story I've seen with research results.

Monday, July 01, 2002

This professor says Christians are a threat to his movement. I hope he's right.
Laura Schlessinger talks about marriage, and why today's young men don't want any part of it. Her answers will make some mad, especially the women I know that are looking for husbands. It's hard to hear from someone like her. Dr Laura is certainly out of step with the culture. Or maybe it's the culture that is out of step with Dr Laura. .
Violence on college campuses against Jews is increasing. The bridge between the jewish community and conservatives is gaining support across the board. This article gives a wonderful summary of what's going on. Jay Nordlinger on Mideast & U.S. Campuses on National Review Online
The Western Front comes out every Monday. Today Brendan Minniter discusses the role faith played in the creation of both the Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution.
OpinionJournal - The Western FrontHe also discusses how faith could save the Arab countries.