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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Riding the Coat-tails

I noticed yesterday that allot of press was given to the fact that former President Jimmy Carter was making his way to Northern Nevada. I knew that he was visiting Carson City, and for what you might ask? Is there a new hot-button political issue he has something to say about?

No, as a matter of fact, while it was widely advertised that he was making an appearance, he did in fact not speak at all. So why was he there? Well the RGJ reluctantly tells us.
Former President Carter supports son's Senate bid

Saying the Bush Administration and Congress's Republican leadership have abandoned America's core values, former President Jimmy Carter's son, Jack, launched an effort Monday to unseat Nevada's junior U.S. senator.

With his parents cheering at his side, Democrat Jack Carter told a crowd of about 350 people in Carson City that he would be "Nevada's voice to Washington."

Wow, Jack's not wasting any time getting straight to the DNC national talking points (Got anything in your bag to help Nevada there Jack?)Well at least he's being honest and putting his cards on the table for all to see. Unlike our esteemed Sen. Harry Reid who ran on a platform of "Independent Like Nevada" (Talk about voters remorse...geez.)

Well Jack, good luck riding Daddy's coat-tails to office. I don't think it will work, but good luck to you anyway. Well, no not really.

Nevada doesn't need another PUPPET. The only thing keeping this state respectful in the U.S. Senate is our honorable Sen. Ensign, that last thing we need is a peanut farmer’s son acting as the DNC's parrot, and solidifying Nevada as the sell-out laughing stock of the U.S. Senate. We need Senators in office that at the very least are looking out for Nevada, not their respective party's talking points.

Like I said, Nothing in Politics happens in a vacuum.

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