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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union

One word defined it… PARTISANSHIP.

While it appeared that the president was giving the national pep talk of the year, the real story was in the reaction. Shameful partisanship ruled the night, most embarrassingly dominated by the Democrats. The Democrats, who are apparently proud of their obstructionism, and defeatism.

The President noted that congress failed to act to solve the social security problem, and the democrats roared with approval. Amazing, but Bush held his own and asked for a true bi-partisan solution.

The president many times seemed to be extending an Olive Branch.

He asked for real border security while providing a humane and rational guest worker program. Something I highly agree with.

He asked both Parties to put aside their differences and solve the social security crisis.

And he proposed that we support initiatives to explore energy alternatives, stating "America is addicted to OIL." An olive branch move if I ever saw one.

But on some important issued the President held his ground. On foreign p0olicy he reiterated, that protectionism and isolationism will not work. America must be pro-active in the cause of freedom and liberty around the world.
He stated, "We love our freedom, and we will fight to keep it." …Liberty is the Right and the hope of all Humanity"… "We will not sit back and wait to be hit again." And most of all, "we must stand behind out military on this vital mission" (the first time, by the way that the entire room stood up…Rule number one of politics…never criticize the military…hmmm)

Addressing the partisan divide of the room, the president pointed out that in debate we must respect one another and not let our differences harden into anger. He did get his barbs in though, stating, "Second guessing is not a strategy"… and that retreat is not peace but defeat.

It was a good speech given by a genuine man. While it did resemble more a pep talk than a state of the union, it was a necessary speech, one that needed to be heard, especially by those that plainly were not listening.

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