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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Response

to Joel Stein from Chris Short, a military member who writes for Conservative Thinking.
As I'm sure most people who follow the news are aware of by now an LA Times writer, Joel Stein, wrote a controversial piece insulting my career titled, Warriors
and wusses
. Mr. Stein is entitled to his opinion and he's been a pretty good sport about the criticism he's received due to his editorial that bashes the troops. However, I think as an American, a blogger and a service member I'm entitled to address Joel Stein directly.

Warriors and wusses is an interesting title. But I don't believe that Joel Stein intended it to be an insult to service members directly. I believe that Mr. Stein thinks that is you support the troops but not the war then you're a wuss with a misguided sense of direction. Joel Stein probably believes that most people that have a yellow ribbon of some sort displayed some where hate the President, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Conservatives but still want to support the troops. I honestly don't think it occurs to Mr. Stein that there are people out there that actually support the troops and our wishes on a grander scale than he imagines (he might now since he's written his editorial).

Go check it out.

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