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Friday, January 20, 2006

The Questions...Why?

Have you every put together a Convention? I never have-until now. I am in the middle of planning a big one with three great people. I’ll tell you one thing- it's a lot of work. And now let me tell you another.

These three people are some of the best people I have ever met in my life.

I first met Eric Odom at a Nevada Independent Conservative Political Action Committee (NICPAC) meeting back in July. He is a soft-spoken man, but very eloquent. Eric is focused and driven, and cares about Nevada and the Country. We were brought together over our mutual concern that Nevada and possibly The U.S. was loosing its focus. We were mutually irritated with both the RINO's and the extreme rightists taking over the Republican Party, as well as the Party’s lack of connection with the common voter. I soon joined NICPAC and became a director, largely due to Eric's urging.

Richard Disney is a former army man, who values family and security. He's for limited government, and lower taxes. Most of all Richard values freedom. But what Richard brings to the table for us is his passion for this project. He believes in the power of the new media, and he sees the potential of what we are trying to do.

KC is a big-hearted, kind, and soft-spoken woman. She has been involved in lobbying, community organization, issue management, and coalition building during Tennessee’s healthcare program changes. She served as the TennCare Outreach Project coordinator on behalf of the National Association of Social Workers, Tennessee Chapter, where she tracked legislative initiatives and worked with governmental and non-profit agencies, drug companies, and legislators. KC is a brilliant strategist and a born leader.

And then of course I round out the committee. I am a veteran and concerned citizen. My thirteen years in the Air Force have taught me leadership by example, and the tenants of personal responsibility. I have learned through the years that action and initiative speak louder than anything, and perseverance gets things done.

These people and I are real people. You may not have heard of us simply because we are just like you, common people with common ideas and a vision of America.

So, what makes them different? The difference is they saw a void, thought of an idea to fill that void and took action. No party, special interest group, or major controlling sponsor backs them. As a matter of fact, when we started this whole thing we didn't have a dime. We simply had an idea, and now we are, almost by force of will, making that idea happen.

We only just started and already there have been harsh criticisms.

Here’s a few of them:

Why Reno?

Why not Reno… We live here, it's a great place to visit and the hotels are generally affordable. So is the convention space. There is plenty to do here, rather you love nature, or love the nightlife. It's not just bingo parlors and brush fires. (I have yet to find a bingo parlor anywhere other than the VFW).

Why not Las Vegas?

Well Vegas is nice; expensive, but very nice. Maybe next time we hold BloggerMan, we’ll do Vegas. And yes, we do plan on doing this again. Who knows, we might be coming to your town next. Why limit ourselves?

Why such a "weak" (non-celebrity) line up?

The fact is you do need some big names to make it worth your time. So far we have locked in Hugh Hewitt, and we are still in negotiations for a few others to show. That process is time consuming, but we are working on it. In all reality, the event is 20 months out; we have time to work on all that.

But, this convention is being presented by bloggers for bloggers. Our focus is the power of the New Media, and the tools and methods for effective blogging. We don't need celebrities for that. We just need great bloggers, and we have that.

Why is this only for conservatives?

It's not. This convention belongs to the blogosphere, not
us. We are trying to provide the best content we can for the moderate liberal, libertarian, centrist and center-right conservative bloggers out
there. It's not exactly easy to strike that balance, and the truth is the
committee is generally center-right in their beliefs. We are however open to comments and suggestions from ANY political blogger out there. Help us make this YOUR convention. That is the intent and our goal.

Why would a bunch of bloggers come to a conference in Reno?

If you really don't understand, then you really need to come and find out.
We will have workshops on the power of blogging, and understanding the blogosphere. For beginners, it may very well open your eyes.

If you are a political blogger, then you generally already understand. The blogging community as a whole has a great amount of power. We will be a deciding influence in the next major election. If you don't believe it, just wait. Anyone who underestimates the power of the new media will be left in the dust as the modern world passes them by.

Matthew (Zaphriel) Comprix
Director of Blogger Relations
Blogging Man 2007

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