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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is Sen. Reid Seditious?

From the Reno Gazette Journal Opinion Page

Robert "Rocky" Plant, Col.(Ret)USMC, has quite an opinion on the subject.

And the Hanoi Jane Patriotism Award goes to: the seditionist cabal led by Reid,
Pelosi, Kerry, Murtha, former Presidents Clinton and Carter and a supporting
cast of malevolent co-conspirators.

In their rabid zeal to damage the
president, they are endangering us all. We face a very dangerous and intractable
enemy. The "get out of Iraq now" crowd doesn't seem to understand this. If we
fail in Iraq our enemies will come to America, not for a better life, but to
subject us to Islamic law. Those of us who do not embrace Allah will be killed,
enslaved and subjugated. (more)

Sounds familiar.

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