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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Arthur Andersen Conviction Overturned: Too Little, Too Late

So, NOW the court decides to overturn the conviction of Arthur Andersen. It only cost 28,000 jobs, and broke a major investment company to a small buisness handling lawsuits. Someone asked me the other day if I ever disagreed with the Bush Administration. Yep. Going after Arthur Andersen, and other executives just to make the Left stop whining was a huge mistake, and a gross miscarriage of justice. As this decision makes clear.

McCain For President?

Brendan Miniter explains why it won't happen. A must read for 2008.

The Rings of Saturn

Makes you feel like you are there, doesn't it? An amazing, enhanced veiw from Cassini.


Just found a new search engine, Answers.com. Okay, so I need another search engine like I need another book, right? Well, this one actually seems to give me the answers I'm looking for, rather than pages and pages of irrelevant info.

I used it on one of Patricia's more obscure druid references, and got exactly what I needed. And if it works on those kind of searches, it just may replace Google in my heart. One drawback: You can only look up one word at a time.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day: Remembrances


We walked among the crosses
Where our fallen soldiers lay.
And listened to the bugle
As TAPS began to play.
The Chaplin led a prayer
We stood with heads bowed low.
And I thought of fallen comrades
I had known so long ago.
They came from every city
Across this fertile land.
That we might live in freedom.
They lie here 'neath the sand.
I felt a little guilty
My sacrifice was small.
I only lost a little time
But these men lost their all.
Now the services are over
For this Memorial Day.
To the names upon these crosses
I just want to say,
Thanks for what you've given
No one could ask for more.
May you rest with God in heaven
From now through evermore

~By C W J (C W Johnson)- May 1975~

Sunday, May 29, 2005

France Reject the EU

Make no mistake. This is a big story. For France to reject the EU Constitution has huge ramifications globally. While it will likely spell the end for Chirac, we could end up with someone far worse at the helm of our oldest ally/enemy. Patricia over at Ancient Eyes has a great post about this development.

Memorial Day: The Wounded Warrior Project

Many organizations ask for your hard won dollars. Wounded Warrior is a request you should answer this Memorial Day. This explanation is from the website:
The Wounded Warrior Project was founded on the principle that veterans are our nation's greatest citizens. The Project seeks to assist those men and women of our armed forces who have been severely injured during the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hot spots around the world. Many of the injuries are traumatic amputations, gunshot wounds, burns and blast injuries that will retire these brave warriors from military service. These wounded soldiers will return to civilian life minus one or more limbs, or with serious wounds or disfiguring scars, and will face greater challenges today obtaining assistance and finding opportunities that would enable them to provide for themselves and their families.

The Wounded Warrior Project was founded to give a voice to this new generation of veterans facing unique issues and problems. The Project fills the vital need for a coordinated, united effort to enable wounded veterans to aid and assist each other and to readjust to civilian life.
Veterans are indeed are most prized citizens. Those who return from battle wounded deserve our respect, and our assistance.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorial Day: A Great Video

Great video tribute to our Armed Forces. Worth watching, no matter what your political affiliation. I would happily post a similar video from the DNC, but the only thing on their website is a harangue from Dr. Dean. If someone could find a similar video from the Democrats, let me know.

Gulags of the Mind

Kent over at Right From Left has a great post on Amnesty International's latest stupidity. Wish I had said it.

Memorial Day: So Help Me God

An excellent look at the ACLU's continued attacks on the Boy Scouts. What does that have to do with Memorial Day? Read on.

Memorial Day: Ways to Remember

Not a one of these suggestions involves a Barbeque or Beer. Nothing wrong with either one, as long they don't become the main focus of the day off.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Spoiled Elites: VDH

A final suggestion for these unhappy and privileged few: To end your obsessions with the pathologies of America and the West, find a way to create your own alternative sports, literature, corporations, soft drinks, and filmmaking in the non-West.

It is not that we Americans are mad at what you say. It is just that you have all become so hypocritical, then predictable, and now boring — you are all so boring.


Memorial Day: Dear American Soldier in Iraq

Over the Memorial Day weekend, most of my posts will be reminders of what this day is about. Today, Dennis Prager speaks for many of us directly to our men and women in Iraq. This was written in 2003, and is more true today than it was 2 years ago.

Memorial Day: I Can't Cry Hard Enough

This has become a traditional post for Memorial Day here at Liberty Just in Case. We spend alot of time debating and arguing the issues here, but there comes a time when we must realize what issues are important, and how that day in September continues to affect us all. If you have a slow connection, be patient. Or download the tribute to your hard drive. This is worth seeing, hearing, remembering. And like me, you may find that even 4 years later, you can't cry hard enough.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Clinton Legacy: Rainbow Parties

It's so good to have had such an influential figure in the White House, don't you think?

Depends on What the Meaning of "Is" is: When Comity Becomes Comedy

It's so good to see the Senate functioning without filibusters these days, isn't it? The vote on Bolton went flawlessly, and the Democrats kept their word not to engage in filibuster to the letter. Of course, they did refuse to vote for cloture, which is exactly what they've done for four years on Priscilla Owen and the other judicial nominees. But it wasn't a filibuster, because the Democrats say it wasn't a filibuster. Therefore it wasn't a filibuster. Well, that's good enough for me.

Wonder if Lindsay Graham is getting any sleep tonight?

Looks Like France Will Not Ratify the EU Treaty

Well, this is a surprise, and very good for the United States. At least I think so.

Congratulations, Carrie! What a great thing for Oklahoma, and the most especially for the town of Checotah.

Welcome to Politics: Helmet and Shoulder Pads Required

This is a response to a comment from Patricia. Felt like it should be more of a main post. It helps to read the whole dialogue to get up to speed, but isn't necessary:

"I guess with that having been spoken, we of the Left and Liberal should just quietly then submit to what it has become or leave.. because evidently there is just no room for more than one voice in this nation anymore.

That's what happens when one party and one ideaology seeks to control the entire nation and everyone in it."

Can't help rolling my eyes at the above. From the sound of the above, what Conservatives should do is sit back now that we've got a majority, and let the Left run things out of some sense of "fairness." By your rules, when a team is ahead by more than 3 points, they need to go get a cup of Gatorade, while the other side scores a few touchdowns unopposed. How silly.

I don't expect the Left to submit to what it has become. I expect, at some point, that the Left will figure out how to win elections again.

I think it will take a long time. As long as the Left(and thank you for finally admitting to being on the Left Patricia) continue to believe the problem is "Darth" Bush and the evil Conservatives, they will have no motivation to look within their own philosophy, and fix what's gone wrong.

Patricia, if you want to walk away, I guess you can. But why would you?

You act like Conservatives have succeeded through some kind of military takeover. If you are so far in Left field as to believe that, then the conversation is pretty much over. You are simply being a victim, by choice. Which is one of the mindsets the Left must overcome to regain power in the future.

In 1974, after Watergate, the Republican Party, and with it the Conservative movement, was given up for dead. I'm glad those Conservatives didn't take on your attitude of defeatism. Thank God folks like Ronald Reagan, and William F. Buckley, and James Dobson didn't decide to take your approach back then.

Conservatives have won very slowly, through ideas first, then through the ballot box. We set up Think Tanks like the Heritage Foundation and The Claremont Institute to explore what conservativism is, and what our guiding principles should be. And we found leaders true to those principles.

I don't share your attitude about the left, though. I know folks like Joe are out there. And I know he would prefer to see all four branches of government run by Democrats. He's doing what he can to make it so. And I'm doing what I can to prevent it.

Welcome to Politics. Check your victimhood at the door.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Deal: What Happens When One Posts on Two Hours Sleep

My 3rd grader and I were listening to Robert Byrd (D-WV) on the radio, and he asked me why the Senator was going on and on for so long. I replied that some people can talk for hours and hours and never really say anything. He said he couldn't understand how that could be, as when people talked they always said something. I smiled, and said "Son, you've never met a politician." His mind went tilt at that point, and we began talking baseball, which is a far more important topic than politics anyway...sigh.

I've had some time to sleep on The Deal, and wish, as they say in Congress, to revise and extend my remarks:

I do think The Deal was a bad thing for Republicans. It would have been better to have ended the Filibuster. The use of the filibuster by the Democrats in such a systematic fashion needed to be stopped. Joe, I'm sure you know your statistic of 200 out of 210 judges approved is misleading to say the least. You know that Appellate judges, where it matters the most next to the Supreme Court, is much, much lower than your figure shows. It's closer to 67%, the lowest percentage in modern history.

The vote to end the filibuster would have allowed votes on all the Judicial nominees. And yes Patricia, I do indeed want to see Conservatives in control of all four branches of government. See my reply to your comment on my previous post. Those votes may still happen, and then we'll see if the Democrat seven can be trusted. We will also see if John McCain can be trusted. I would doubt the latter, even with several days of sleep....

Be that as it may, I do understand the desire to compromise on the part of Graham, DeWyne, and Warner. It's hard to work in a place where there is constant conflict. Trouble is, their compromise didn't stop anything. It simply delayed the inevitable. Does anyone really doubt that the battle will now be joined over the next Supreme Court nomination? Then what will the Republic 7 do? Or better yet, what will the Democrat 7 do?

We all know this fight comes down to Abortion in the end. I have no doubt that Bush will nominate pro-lifers to the upcoming Supreme Court vacancies. There's no doubt that the Maine contingent and Chafee will oppose that. So it again comes down to the Democrat 7, and Graham, DeWyne, and Warner. We'll see in the next few months if The Deal will last....I'm betting it won't.

OpinionJournal has it just about right.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Deal: For Conservatives, A Synonym for Sellout

Been thinking all day about The Deal. I've worked hard to stay away from Talk Radio, and the opinion blogs, as I wanted to make up my own mind. (Okay, I admit to listening to about 30 minutes of Rush while taking my wife to the Doctor. But I had the volume low, and could only hear every other word because of my beloved's coughing.) Having watched the news conference, read The Deal, and watched some of the Cable talking heads, most especially Senator Graham on CNN, here's my take:

I've always had respect for Lindsay Graham (R-SC). He was by far the most articulate and logical of the ill-fated House members presenting the evidence in the impeachment "trial" of 1998. He has been one of the better representatives for Republicans on the Sunday Morning talk shows. I've always respected him, until yesterday.

I assumed supporting McCain in 2000 was simply an error in judgement. After yesterday, I know better. He let down his fellow Republicans, and followed McCain to the land of the RINOs. Hope he's enjoying his six years in the Senate. He won't have another term. South Carolina isn't Arizona, and about as far from Maine as you can get and still be in the same nation. I'm not sure what he was thinking yesterday, but it sure wasn't about the folks that put him in office.

I know some of the folks who visit Liberty won't agree with this assessment, and in fact may not even understand what the fuss is about. I mean, we got 3 judges, didn't we? Yes we did.. But I suspect conservatives lost control of the Senate yesterday, thanks in great measure to Lindsay Graham and Mike DeWine (R-OH). And quite honestly, both of them are naive if they think they can somehow pull the Constitutional option from the trashcan they placed it in yesterday. "Extraordinary Circumstances" is a slippery phrase. And for the Party that creatively defined words like "sex" and "is," "Extraordinary Circumstances" leaves alot of room for maneuver. Enough room to drive an eighteen wheeler right over the coming Supreme Court nominations.

DeWine is up in 2006, and the seat may very well return to Democrat control thanks to his stance yesterday. Graham' s got four more years, but South Carolinians have long memories. If you don't believe it, just ask a native about Sherman. Umm, they don't consider him quite the same war hero as folks here in the People's Republic of Illinois.

I honestly think he's followed John McCain right off the cliff. Maybe he thought he could be McCain's running mate in '08, but both of them have badly underestimated just how important the Judge issue is to the Republican base. I seem to remember McCain's candidacy went down in flames in South Carolina in '00. Apparently, Graham forgot that last night. Regardless, both he and DeWine will face big trouble in their next Senate race. I certainly wouldn't vote for either of them now.


I wrote the above paragraphs before checking the blogs, Rush (except for my 30 minute admisson above), Hugh Hewitt, etc. Nice to see I have some company. Here's Hugh Hewitt's take, which pretty much sums it up. It would appear the Not a Dime More campaign will have to continue for awhile.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Deal

They've reached a deal in the Senate. 14 Senators, 7 from each party. I think they've just delayed the showdown. I have alot of respect of Lindsay Graham (R-SC) so if he's for this deal, I'll at least hold my fire for the evening.

Strengthen The Good: The Tom Family Education Trust

The power of blogging has never been more on display than through Strengthen the Good, a charitable cause run by bloggers for bloggers. Check it out today, and give if you can.

Walking Away From the Left

An important editorial for left and right. It's one of those peices that must be read in full. Any excerpt would detract from the editorial as a whole.

And here is the author's website, including another remarkable editorial called Busting the Moral Equivalence Racket. His blog, Sane Nation, is on my blogroll to the right.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

An Obvious Graduate of Survivial Training

Okay, I admit it. This is an old picture,but just just too funny to pass up. Read the caption and explanation on Snopes. com in the link. Hat tip to Moonbattery for this one.

The Universal Symbol of Coercion

A Mass Murderer in his Underwear: Say It Isn't So!

Okay, so it shouldn't have happened. Whoever leaked the pictures should be found and prosecuted for stupidity, if for no other reason. Having said that....

Al-Jazeera was shocked! Shocked I tell you! And refused to put the pictures on their network out of decency concerns. A new meaning to the word irony, don't you think? They do allow beheadings, with sound. Guess Westerners being brutally butchered does not offend the carefully tuned decency standards of the terrorist propaganda network. Showing a mass murderer who killed more Muslims in a week than the Coalition forces have in 3 years does offend. Go figure.

I wonder if the screaming victims fed feet first to Saddam's meat grinder were wearing underwear? I'm fairly certain the women in Saddam's rape rooms were not fully dressed. And the 4 and 5 year olds in Saddam's children's prison? I'm thinking they were not the essence of sartorial perfection either. Though I do think most of the Kurdish civilians were fully clothed as they died an agonizing death thanks to Saddam's gas attack.

My point is not that we should not have a higher standard We should, and do. But its important not to fall into the moral equivalency fallacy. Saddam in his clean underwear, with his dyed hair, both paid for by my tax dollars, is not the same thing as his crimes of torture and death. I for one, am not going to lose sleep over the humiliation of a mass murderer. I think his victims, if they could speak, would likely feel the same.

Friday, May 20, 2005

A Health Update and a Thank you

Wow. You don't realize who drops by the blog until you close it for a day or two! Thanks to everybody for your comments and your emails. It's greatly appreciated. Both the wife and Number One Daughter are home. Both were laying on the couch and watching TVLand when I left to go work out. Daughter is down to neb treatments only every 4 to 6 hours, which meant I got 5 hours sleep in a row last night. That beats treatments every 2 to 3 hours a couple of nights ago. That makes for a very long night, and even George Noory and Laura Ingraham replays can't keep me awake that long.

The Mrs. is doing better, but still very weak. I'll be taking both of them back to the doctor later today. I'll likely be seeing an MD too, as I'm coughing again/ All in all, the house sounds like a TB ward. My Number One son is the only healthy one among us, and is really bummed about it. He keeps asking his Mom to lick him so he can miss school too...sigh.

Don't forget the many great blogs in the blogroll, especially Ancient Eyes, Devil's Advocate, Birth of a Neo-Con, and The New Oklahoma Democrat. Take a run by Gun Toting Liberal while you're at it.

I'll be watching the Senate Debate, if I can hear it over the screams of protest from the ladies of the house, who just want to watch the corruption of Oprah. Thank God we have two TVs in the house. Sigh.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Health Update

No blogging today. I'm not feeling well, but my wife and daughter are feeling worse. A nasty upper respiratory infection has sent my wife to the ER twice in the past two days, and has now hospitalized my 12 year old. I'll be back in a day or two.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Michael Isikoff: A History of Holding Stories

Before you immediately tune her out, take a read of Ann Coulter's recounting of Michael Isikoff's reporting on tough topics.

It's Not Just Newsweek: Michelle Malkin

If you read one column today, make it this one. I may be angry at the MSM, but it's nothing compared to those who are actually in the line of fire. That fire just got more intense because of another arrogant Mainstream Media organization. And check out the blogger she mentions, The Anchoress. She's been added to my blogroll. Make sure The Anchoress winds up on yours.

An Important Story Gets Lost in the Mess

A new Washington biography will be out later this year. Newsweek published excerpts in the same issue as the nonapology apology. An excellent excerpt that should not get lost in the shuffle.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And Speaking of Holy Books: The Colors of the Rainbow

This is such a neat story on the colors used for the Gutenberg bibles. True works of art.

Never Underestimate the Ability of Congress to Spend Money

A true example of bi-partisanship. Frankly, I like it better when they're fighting. It costs me less money.

The Way to Stop the Accusations

Mudville Gazette has the way to stop the false accusations of abuse of the Koran:

Perhaps the only way to ensure an end to stories of desecration of the Koran by American troops would be to ban the book from all military prisons. Had officials done that in the first place there would have never been a problem, right?

It wouldn't happen, of course. It was never even considered. Muslim Chaplains, prayer rugs, the Koran - from the start the only guarantee the prisoners had at Guantanamo was freedom of religion.

It's the American way.

He also quotes from an Al Qaeda Training Manual:


1. At the beginning of the trial, once more the brothers must insist on proving that torture was inflicted on them by State Security [investigators] before the judge.

2. Complain [to the court] of mistreatment while in prison.

I'm disgusted at the left's willingness to believe terrorists, while casting dark suspicions toward our own military. Not surprised, but disgusted none the less .

I Did Not...With a British Accent

George Galloway denied having sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky today...oh wait, wrong denial. Let's try again.

Mr. Galloway denied any charges that he was involved in the Oil for Food scandal rocking the United Nations. He placed the blame squarely on Senator Norm Coleman for having the audacity to question his integrity, and further stated that documents recieved by the Senate sub-Committee are forgeries, including and most especially those with his signature on them.

Watch the MSM today on this story. They'll play Galloway's denials again and again. I wonder if they'll play the cross-examination by Coleman though?

The Constitutional Option: Here We Go

Regardless of which side of the aisle you may be cheering for, the next two weeks in the Senate will be great political theatre. This fight has been brewing for two years, and both sides claim to have the votes. Should be fun.

A National ID Card: Balance of Power is Up and Running

Check out the debate over on one of the most innovative blogs around right now. Great work to all involved. Still thinking about what comment to leave on this topic....

Monday, May 16, 2005


The retraction came as the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department all heavily criticized the report and said it had damaged the U.S. image abroad. White House spokesman Scott McClellan had said it was "puzzling" that Newsweek had not retracted the story a day after apologizing for it.

"A retraction is a good first step," McClellan said after Newsweek issued its statement. "This allegation was unsubstantiated and it was contrary to everything that we value and all that our military works to uphold. We encourage Newsweek to now work diligently to help undo what damage can be undone."

"People lost their lives. the image of the United States abroad has been damaged. It will take work to undo what can be undone," McClellan said.

Good first step is right. It's not just the image of the United States that has been damaged. The image of journalism, which couldn't take much more damage, is now more suspect than ever.

Michelle Malkin: Newsweek Lied, People Died

Catchy, isn't it? I'm not going to do a diatribe on this story. There are too many great bloggers already doing a great job. Michelle is a great source. She also has some speculation on who the anonymous source may have been....

Some sharp-eyed bloggers are looking at Sgt. Erik Saar, former Guantanamo Bay interrogator and co-author with Time magazine's Viveca Novak of a tell-all book about alleged abuses called Inside the Wire--just released and being promoted by the Washington Post and everywhere else.
Makes alot of sense. Heard him last week, and he certainly could be Isikoff's source. It once again brings up the whole issue of anonymous sourcing. That was okay when people trusted the MSM, but those days are dead and gone. When I read that the source was anonymous, I just assume the journalist is quoting himself and his own opinion.

Captain Ed has a great post on Newsweek's continued non-apology and excuses. This story isn't going away quickly, no matter how much Newsweek may be praying it will.

Phishing Expeditions

Just recieved another "final notice from Earthlink" in my suspect spam folder. Says if I don't reply with my log in name and passwords, my ISP service will be cut off within ONE WEEK. I've been recieving the same message for months. Sometimes there are viruses attached, sometimes not. Very threatening, very dangerous if I responded to any of the emails. Instead, I just report them to my ISP, and ignore them, except to laugh at the stupidity of this kind of phishing for my confidential information.

Nice to see Harry Reid and my own Senior Senator Dick Durbin are learning some new things about technology, and applying their new knowledge to their positions as Senate Minority Leader and Senate Minority Whip, respectively. Here's hoping their tactics, under the cover of NARAL, are treated just like other phishing expeditions, report them, as Bob Novak did in the link, ignore them, and laugh at their stupid and desperate attempts to obstruct the Senate.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Newsweek Bites the Bullet

One more black eye for the MSM. This has not been a good year for the Mainstream Media. This is a story that is just beginning, as the other media sources smell blood in the water.

Risks of Abortion to Next Baby

I'll wait for more studies to duplicate this one. It is interesting, though.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Alien Planet:

This may be the best trailer for a TV show I've ever seen. Hope you have a broadband connection and a good computer before you click on this link.

Hubble Will Be Saved, But At A High Cost

The sacrifice of the Europa mission is a high price to pay, but to save Hubble must be a priority for NASA. One more example of why private enterprise must get in to space as quickly as possible.

Brave New World: The Library Without Books

Remember the Star Trek episode where Kirk laughed at his attorney because the attorney brought in real, paperbound books? Once again, Gene Rodenberry proves prophetic:
"In this information-seeking America, I can't think of anyone who would elect to build a books-only library," said Fred Heath, vice provost of the University of Texas Libraries in Austin.
I spend more time in Cyberspace than most folks, yet my computer is in a home office surrounded by books. There is a sterility to computer screens, and I find it difficult to curl up on a rainy day with my laptop.

Evolution as Revealed Truth: The Heretics

This will be an ongoing series of posts here at Liberty. Below is a press release from the ESWPO (Evolutionary Society for World Peace and Order):

A NEWS ALERT on the ongoing threat to the Revealed Truth of Evolution, and the heretics who threaten that Faith. While steps are being taken to protect the revealed Word, the heretics within our ranks are finding new voices among the unwashed heathens of Kansas. These attacks on our Faith will not stand. Despite the lies spread that the Fossil evidence does not support our Faith, despite the unfounded accusations that our Scientist/Priests are closing their eyes to evidence that Evolution is but a Theory, we will continue to stand by our Faith, no matter what may come to light in the future.

Further alerts will be chronicled as they come in....:-)

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Hillary Scandal Part I

I'll keep track of this story here on Liberty, as you can bet the MSM will avoid it as long as possible.

Harry Steps Over the Line...Again

To my friends on the left. Please take time to read this editorial before immediately jumping to the defense of the Senate Minority Leader. What he did yesterday really was over the line. Taking info from a confidential FBI report violates multiple Senate rules, and shows either a grave misunderstanding of the hearsay info in an FBI report, or intentional deception. I'm not sure which is worse.

Historical Revisionism: World War II

There was a time when I believed history was a set of facts, agreed to by all. I was 5 at the time, just learning to read...haven't believed that since.

History continues to be revised to fit whatever biases the historian may hold. One exception to this rule is Victor Davis Hanson. This link is a great example.

The Myth of the Divorce Rate

I saw this study in the New York Times a couple of week ago, but was unable to link to it without paying for the privilige. (The day I pay any money to The New York Slimes is the same day they bury me. ) As I was saying, Michael Medved gives a summary of the study here.

Slavery Alive and Well...in Great Britain

This is a deeply disturbing story from England. It makes me wonder if similar things are occurring in the United States and Canada.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

More Comment That Post Today

There was a lot going on at Liberty today. But almost all of it occurred in the comments on previous posts. Take a read, leave a comment if you want, especially on the post I've linked, Skewed View of Liberty.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

History You Never Knew: The Proud Tower

The proud tower;: A portrait of the world before the war, 1890-1914 may be one of the most haunting books I've read in a long time. Margaret Tuchman presents the world before WW1 as those who lived it must have seen it. They had no idea of the cataclysm yet to come, yet that cataclysm hovers over each page of this remarkable work.  I was hooked from the forward on, but most especially her portrait of Thomas B. Reed,  Speaker of the House during much of that time. His stand against the "silent filibuster" changed the House forever, and continues today in what is known as Reed's Rules. These rules still govern debate in the House, and the debate he began will be familiar to all of us who have followed the debate over the Constitutional Option currently being played out in the Senate.

The President's Latvia Speech

In the midst of all the MSM wringing of hands over President Bush offending Putin, and then the breathless announcement that a fake grenade was thrown toward the President, it would be easy to lose sight of what Mr. Bush actually said to the Latvians, and the Georgians. It's important that these important words don't get lost in shuffle.

This excerpt is from the end of his Georgian Speech:

We are living in historic times when freedom is advancing, from the Black Sea to the Caspian, and to the Persian Gulf and beyond. As you watch free people gathering in squares like this across the world, waving their nations' flags and demanding their God-given rights, you can take pride in this fact: They have been inspired by your example and they take hope in your success. (Applause.)

As you build freedom in this country, you must know that the seeds of liberty you are planting in Georgian soil are flowering across the globe. (Applause.) I have come here to thank you for your courage. The American people value your friendship, and admire your determination. On behalf of all Americans, thank you, God bless you. Sakartvelos gaumarjos. (Applause.)

We are indeed living in historic times. Free people gathering in squares like the one in Georgia; thousands of people turning out to hear an American President, in a former Soviet state. Who would have dreamed of this 20 years ago?

History Repeats Itself: The Filibuster in the House

This is one of the most amazing stories I've read in a long time. It deserves a hearing, and is worth remembering the next time you hear whining about the sacred rules of the Senate. (hat tip to Rush)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Vice President Wins a Big One in Federal Court

I wonder how much of this you'll see on the MSM? And how much more of this story you would see if the decision went the other way. Not the MSM has an agenda or anything...

A lawsuit seeking to force Vice President Dick Cheney to reveal details about the energy policy task force he headed and the pro-industry recommendations it made was scuttled Tuesday by a federal appeals court.

The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit unanimously found that two private groups that sued Cheney failed to establish that the federal government had a legal duty to produce documents detailing the White House's contacts with business executives and lobbyists.

The lawsuit, filed by the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch, alleged that energy industry officials effectively became members of the task force, while environmental groups and others were shut out of the meetings. It also argued that the task force was a federal advisory committee with an obligation to publicly disclose its operations.

The appeals court disagreed. "There is nothing to indicate that nonfederal employees had a right to vote on committee matters or exercise a veto over committee proposals," it said. The court ordered a lower court to dismiss the case.

Cheney's energy task force was not an advisory committee and "it follows that the government owed the plaintiffs no duty, let alone a clear and indisputable or compelling one," said the opinion by Judge A. Raymond Randolph.

I'm sure not everyone will be happy with this decision. I think it's a good ruling, and keeps the environmentalist wackos out of government decisions. Having said that, I'll sit back and wait for the fallout...:-)

Was Lincoln Forced to Free the Slaves?

If you repeat a lie long enough, people begin to believe it. A truth of political warfare, and unfortunately, of some historians as well. One of those lies is that Lincoln was forced to free the slaves, but never really wanted to. Not exactly the way it happened....

Democrats Kicked Out of Baptist Church?

Well maybe. This is certainly the kind of scare story the MSM loves to broadcast. If it's true, its wrong. But having grown up Southern Baptist, I'm inclined to wait to see the story shake out. You'll know the truth by what you don't read in the MSM. If this really is a "great misunderstanding" you won't hear another word, or at best, you'll read a small paragraph on page C22, tucked between the chess column and a recipe for deviled eggs. If this pastor really did cross the line, you'll hear this story blasted on all the cable news networks, and get above the fold coverage from the usual suspects.

A Skewed View of Liberty

Not much can be added to this:

What’s missing in all of this talk about “decisions” and “compassion” is any appreciation of the absurdity that underlies the abortion debate. In any other context, the idea that a 13-year-old has a constitutional right to choose against her parents’ wishes an invasive surgical procedure, or even consent to one, would be absurd. Schools need parental permission to dispense over-the-counter medications. And a 13-year-old can’t get her ears pierced without mom or dad being present.

Similarly, an unrelated adult who took a minor out-of-state for another medical procedure would be called a “kidnapper.” We’d issue an “Amber Alert,” and her picture would be on CNN and Fox 24/7. Upon apprehension, the adult would face possible charges of endangering the welfare of a minor or interference with parental custody—both of these are felonies.

Yet, because the “procedure” in question is abortion, none of this applies. Abortion is not a right anymore; it’s the right. It trumps everything else and, thus, embodies our deepest commitments and most treasured values.

The absurdity of the abortion debate. Who's rights are being violated, the child, or the child making the decision to kill the child?

Monday, May 09, 2005

My Favorite Music Critic Has A New Post

Jackory does his usual stellar job on a founder of Christian contemporary music. Great stuff.

Balance of Power is Up and Running!

I'm not sure these guys planned to be up and running the same day as HuffingtonPost, but I'm far more excited about Balance of Power than I am Arianne's latest project. Made up of five veteran bloggers from across the political spectrum, they will tackle new subjects at least weekly. Their initial offering is The Patriot Act. Great work across the board. As usual, I'm more in agreement with Zaphriel than Joe, but what else is new? All five are great writers, and worth adding to your morning or evening reading, after Liberty Just in Case, of course.

Arianne's Site: The Reviews Are In, and It Ain't Pretty

Arianne Huffington launched her new site today. Nikki Finke is, to say the least, unimpressed. I think the site has possibilities. Today's the first day, after all. Let's give it a chance for at least a few weeks before deciding it's dead in the water. In all honesty, I found the initial offerings somewhat dry and boring, but I'll keep coming back for awhile. It may succeed, and be a lefty competitor to the Drudge Report. Or it may go the way of Air America, limping along, and unable to pay its bills. We'll see.

Two Girls Slain in Zion

Jody over at The Bandwagon has the pictures, and gives voice to my thoughts better than I can.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Cultural Intifadah

A staggering archeological loss. No site is as historic as The Temple Mount. To go in with bull dozers instead of toothpicks and tooth brushes is a crime.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Letter From Dick Durbin

Wow! What an honor! A form letter from one of my two senators from Illinois. It starts with the lie that he appreciates hearing from me, and ends with the lie that he will keep my views in mind in voting for Judicial Nominees. Everything in between is just Democratic talking points. I'd write him back, but his next form letter would have a hard time getting past my spam filters.

But, if I'm ever in Washington at 8:30 AM on a Thursday, you can just bet I'll stop in for Coffee and Donuts so he and Senator Obama can hear what's on the mind of this particular Illinoisan...yessiree, I've got a thing or two on my mind to tell my Senators from The People's Republic of Illinois...much of it relatively profanity free.
May 3, 2005

Dear Mr. :

Thank you for contacting me about President Bush's judicial nominees. I
appreciate hearing from you.

I have voted to approve more than 90% of President Bush's district and
circuit court nominees. The vast majority of his judicial nominees – more
than 200 of them – have been confirmed by the Senate.

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I carefully review the
merits of each nominee. During this process, I evaluate the nominee's
past record, professional competence, integrity, temperament, and judicial
philosophy; his or her commitment to upholding the rights and protections
established by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and subsequent laws;
and the background information and testimony collected in the course of
the candidate's confirmation hearings.

Throughout its history, the Senate has encouraged thorough debate on
important matters. Senate Rule XXII, known as the "cloture rule,"
guarantees that we can meet our obligation to conduct the kind of debate
necessary to ensure that candidates for the judiciary have broad support.

According to the Congressional Research Service, cloture motions, which
require a super-majority vote to proceed, were filed and brought to a vote
on 14 appeals court nominations from 1980 to 2000. Although cloture was
invoked in each of these instances, it was not invoked in 1968, when the
Senate filibustered President Johnson's nomination of Abe Fortas to be
Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Any attempt to bypass the use of the filibuster now would undermine a
fundamental principle upon which our country was founded - the system of
checks and balances. This mechanism was created to limit the power of the
President and the majority party in Congress. It was designed to protect
the rights of the minority and promote compromise among the branches of

President Bush must respect the Senate's constitutional role in the
judicial nomination process and seek our advice, not just our consent.
The Constitution does not make the Senate a rubber stamp for the
President's nominees. By working together, the President and the Senate
can make progress on nominations as well as other important matters.

I will keep your views in mind as I continue to consider judicial
nominations. Thank you again for contacting me.


Richard J. Durbin
United States Senator


P.S. If you are ever visiting Washington, please feel free to join Senator
Obama and me at our weekly constituent coffee. When the Senate is in
session, we provide coffee and donuts every Thursday at 8:30 a.m. as we
hear what is on the minds of Illinoisans and respond to your questions.
We would welcome your participation. Please call my D.C. office for more

Shocked and Enraged: Good for the Soul of a Terrorist

Let's hope our intelligence services can decipher this notebook quickly.

It Would Be Easy to Yell at the School, But...

On the surface, the evil school took away the kid's chance to talk to his mother serving in Iraq. May be a little more to the story, though:

"Kevin got defiant and disorderly with Mr. Turner and another assistant principal," Parham said Thursday. "He got defiant with me. He refused to leave Mr. Turner's office. When a kid becomes out of control like that they can either be arrested or suspended for 10 days. Now being that his mother is in Iraq, we're not trying to cause her any undue hardship; he was suspended for 10 days."

Wendall Turner is another assistant principal at Spencer.

Parham said the student used profanity when he was taken into the office. He said he tried to work out something with the student. But Francois said he was too frustrated he couldn't answer the phone when his mother called him the second time.

"I even asked Kevin, 'You know we can try to work something out to where if your mother wants to call you she can call you at the school,'" Parham said. "So we've tried to work with Kevin and we're going to continue to try to work with Kevin and his mother and his relatives. In the course of good order and discipline, we have to abide by our policy."

Francois admitted he was partially at fault for his behavior but said he should have been allowed to talk to his mother.

"I was mad at the time, but I feel now maybe I should've went about it differently," he said. "Maybe I should've just waited outside to pick up the phone. But I don't I feel I should've changed any of my actions. I feel I was right by not hanging up the phone."

Maybe he should've went about it differently?!?! The teacher should not have grabbed the phone, if that's what happened. But it sounds like the kid isn't exactly without fault here either. According to reports on the radio, the suspension has been dropped to 3 days. That's more reasonable, considering the circumstances.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Who's Being Offensive Here?

Hugh Hewitt has posted a long, but important look at a lawsuit from Barry Lynn's organization against the Air Force Academy. Coupled with James Taranto's look at the left's attacks on religion, the two editorials provide a frightening look at where the left would take us if they could. Intolerance for the sake of tolerance? Orwell would be proud.

Pictures, and Words

When I read or hear folks say they support the troops, but dont' support the Iraqi front, I think of photographs like this.

I also think of the Children's prison discovered there. And the rape rooms. And the mass graves. And the months of hell the Kuwaitis suffered through before Desert Storm. And I remember the payments made to the famlies of homicide bombers from Saddam. And I remember the Kurdish villages destoyed by gas attacks on Saddam's orders.

I think about the thousands of photographs of women, mosly pornographic, that Saddam's son kept in one of the "palaces." Including pictures of President Bush's own daughters. And the meat grinders, used for execution. Victims were fed feet first, slowly, so Saddam and his sons could savor the screams.

All of those things would still be happeining if the United States had not gone in to Iraq. All except one. That American soldier would not be cradling the body of that child after Islamo-Fascist murderers killed civilians. That little girl, and her parents, would still be slaves to an evil dictator and his maniacal sons.

Are there other evil dictators in the world? Certainly. The concentration camp the world calls North Korea still exists, and is still killing thousands each year. The reality is the United States can't take all the evil in the world, nor should we.

But we did take on two of the most evil regimes in the world, the Taliban, and the Baathist parasites of Iraq. Both countries are well on their way to being Democracies. The terrorists who brought pain and destruction to that little girl understand well the stakes. Losing Iraq to Liberty destroys their claims of speaking for the Arab world. Losing Iraq sets off a chain reaction in the other dictatorships and true theocracies of the Middle East. The Islamo-Fascist murderers understand the stakes, and are trembling. I wonder when we in the United States will be as intelligent as the terrorists, and begin to act like we too have counted the cost, and continued the building of Liberty.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Bouncing Baby Lawsuit For ABC?

I certainly thought so when I sat down to watch ABC's report on American Idol tonight. Now I'm not so sure. Yes, it just so happens Corey Clark has an album coming out, and the whole show was interspersed with him singing a really sappy song called "Paula-tics." And the guy has lied before, and was booted from the show for it. And yes, it's May sweeps, and FOX is kicking the competition all over the Nielsen's. And the Clark comes across as sleazy at times, and unwilling to admit any responsibility for what happened.

But he's got voice mail from a woman that sounds an awful lot like Paula Abdul. And he's got phone records. So who knows?

On a positive note, Scott Savol has finally been eliminated. I'm still rooting for Carrie Underwood. I have to. My mother can forgive me being a Republican. She can even forgive me being an Episcopalian (though I'm not sure God can, at this point). But to vote for anyone other than Carrie would ruin my chances of being able to come home for Thanksgiving, or Christmas for that matter. My goodness, it would be like rooting for Nebraska.

You can take the boy out of Oklahoma, but you can't take..ah forget it. Time to get back to war and politics, don't you think?

Morale of the Troops Dropping Fast, Letter Says

Got your attention? If you saw such a headline in the MSM, would you really be surprised? Probably not. But the troops aren't coalition, and the letter didn't come from an American commander.
The letter, dated April 27, was seized in a raid on a house in Baghdad that also netted the coalition other documents, including a list of possible targets.
"The morale has weakened and lines of the mujahidin have become separated due to some leaders' action," Yemeni wrote. "God does not accept such actions and that will delay victory. We do have big mistakes where some of us have been discarded."
Now you see why that headline won't appear in the New York Times. Much too positive for the front page of "Amerika's Newspaper of Wreckage."

Prophet of Doom: What Did Mohammed Really Say?

The MSM would have us believe that Islam is a "religion of peace." There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of muslims are peaceful. Not so sure about their faith though. Craig Winn presents some compelling proof from Islam's origins. This version is certainly what is driving the terrorists. Worth us knowing something about, don't you think?

When Columnists Cry "Jihad"

I have been looking at myself, and millions of my brethren, fellow evangelicals along with traditional Catholics, in a ghastly arcade mirror lately -- courtesy of this newspaper and the New York Times. Readers have been assured, among other dreadful things, that we are living in "a theocracy" and that this theocratic federal state has reached the dire level of -- hold your breath -- a "jihad."

In more than 50 years of direct engagement in and observation of the major news media I have never encountered anything remotely like the fear and loathing lavished on us by opinion mongers in these world-class newspapers in the past 40 days. If I had a $5 bill for every time the word "frightening" and its close lexicographical kin have appeared in the Times and The Post, with an accusatory finger pointed at the Christian right, I could take my stack to the stock market.

It only gets better from there. Read on.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Liberal Prayer

hat tip to The Bandwagon, with a right turn at Girl on the Right for this one:
The government is my shepherd:
I need not work.
It alloweth me to lie down on a good job;
It leadeth me beside still factories;
It destroyeth my initiative.
It leadeth me in a path of a parasite for politic's sake;
Yea though I walk through the valley of laziness and deficit-spending,
I will fear no evil, for the government is with me.
It prepareth an economic Utopia for me, by appropriating the earnings of my own grandchildren.
It filleth my head with false security;
My inefficiency runneth over.
Surely the government should care for me all the days of my life,
And I shall dwell in a fool’s paradise forever
This is a keeper.

Trivial Matters: Military Recruiting on College Campuses

I'm well aware that I may lose readership through reporting trivial matters. I know I should be talking about the issues of national import: Will the Runaway Bride still marry her fiancee? And exactly how much money did she lose in Vegas? Will the evil DA in Georgia prosecute this young victim who merely got cold feet? Or that other issue that truly effects us all; did Paula help Idol contestants in inappropriate ways, up to and including "special coaching" in her bedroom?

But, I have to leave such important stories to Drudge, Hannity and the 24 hour news channels. I'm only a blogger, after all. So on to trivial stuff, certainly not as important to our National Security as Jennifer, Paula, and, lest we forget, Michael.

One story, which pales in significance compared to the above earth-shattering revelations, is that the Supreme Court has decided to look at the Solomon Amendment. The amendment, stating that universities must allow military recruiting on campus if they accept federal funds, was struck down by a Federal Appeals Court. This has allowed Universities to recieve millions of dollars in funding, yet keeps military recruiters off their sacred campuses in wartime.

This decision by college officials protects their innocent students from hearing about the military industrial complex, and keeps their virgin ears from being corrupted by the thought that military service might be a good thing.

After all, one must maintain the God-given right of free speech on campus by banning speech from anyone in a military uniform.

Oh wait. Can't say "God-given right." Let's see, how about Providence inspired right to free speech? Nope. Too close to God-given. I got it! Here we go...

After all, one must maintain the American Civil Liberties Union protected, not in any way inspired by any form of religion, conferred by the culture as it is now but may change in the future based on court decision, right...sorry...privilege granted by the fascist State...of free speech by banning speech from anyone in a military uniform.

Oh, jeez. Sorry. I realize that word military is offensive to those on college campuses. Please replace that awful word with "repressive representatives of the fascist government."

Wait. That word "speech" may be deemed offensive to those who can't speak. How about "free expression?" Nope. May offend those who are manually challenged with no arms.

And, that word "anyone" is deeply offensive to those of us who have multiple personalities, and should be referred to as "anytwo" or anyfourhundred" depending on the number of residents in that particular head....

Sigh. Please return to viewing those issues of national importance, like why IS Scott Savol still on Idol? while I look for ways to make that last statement so inoffensive it would even by accepted at an Ivy League university. (I imply no offense to those of you who are Vegans by using the discriminatory word "Ivy.")

Monday, May 02, 2005

This Explains Scott on American Idol

As American Idol implodes, here's a fun site to visit. It explains alot, especially why Scott Savol is still on the show. And I thought Mr. Savol was staying up all Tuesday night with a thousand cell phones, voting for himself over and over.....and getting Paula to help him.

Laura Bush: Just One More

I listen to alot of Talk Radio, both right and left. Due to Air America's inability to pay its bills here in Chicago, I have to listen to them on the internet. Okay, I admit it, there are times when I just have to turn off Air America, or risk doing serious damage to my brand new computer. This would not go over well in my family. Therefore, I take Air America in small doses.

The one talker I simply cannot listen to is Michael Savage. I know some folks like him, but there is just something about him that reminds me of cats with tails caught in rocking chairs, women with 9 inch nails scratching on 12 foot chalkboards, Hillary giving a speech...you get the idea.

Today I was in the Army Surplus store with my son, and Savage was on complaining, whining, moaning about Laura Bush's speech. How no radio talk show hosts were there, why didn't she talk about terrorists, or China, or Korean missiles. It reminded me of all the reasons I quickly turn to anything else at 5pm, when his show comes on.

And, it also gave a whole new meaning to the phrase:
Lighten Up!

Laura Bush and the Sensibilities of the Press

Finally we have found something to offend the sensibilities of the mainstream press.

Was it Bill Clinton having oral sex in the Oval Office with an intern? Nope.
Was it the continuous lying he did from January to August of 1998? Nope
Was it Ward Churchill, and his rambling anti-American rants? Nope.
Was it Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) making offensive statements about Jews at the opening of the Lincoln Library? Nope.

Was it The First Lady, giving a great roast of her husband and the Bush family? Perhaps. At least, that's what the Press is saying now.

My suspicion is that the MSM was far more offended by the end of her speech:
Mrs. Bush closed her act affectionately.
"In all seriousness, I do love the ranch, and I love the whole Bush family," she said at the end of her bit. "I was an only child, and when I married into the extended Bush clan, I got brothers and sisters and wonderful in-laws, all of whom opened their arms to me. And included in the package, I got this guy here."
For the Left, any praise of the Bush family would be deeply offensive. Or maybe they were offended that Laura Bush has enough confidence in herself and her husband to be able to laugh at themselves. Either way, the reactions of the MSM says far more about the Press than it does about Laura Bush, or her husband.

The Good News From Iraq

CNN said they were turning to their "veteran reporter covering the violence in Iraq." Made me wonder who their veteran reporter was covering the good news from Iraq. Whoever it is needs to be replaced. He's sure not doing the job.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

So, How Long Will You Live?

The longevity game. Just plug in the answers, and get an estimate. Either very encouraging, or very, very depressing. I'm gonna to live to 92, if I up my exercise routine. That'll keep Liberty Just in Case going well into the 21st Century. Yippee!

Abstinence: What You Won't Read in the Papers

A study released recently purported to show that teaching abstinence works no better than any other form of sex ed. The MSM covered the story with their usual balance:

A Nexis search of the words "abstinence," "pledge" and "STDs" brought up 60 hits for the past 90 days, beginning with the Village Voice's contribution "F--- Abstinence" and ranging through the big networks and major newspapers.

Most conveyed the lesson in the headline, such as that of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Abstinence-only programs fail and deceive our kids, says Stacey I. Young." There were dozens of stories touting a related finding that those who pledged to abstain from sex were more likely than others to engage in anal or oral sex.

Yet the results of a new study showing that abstinence programs do work to reduce sexual behavior get only two hits on Nexis -- one a UPI story and the other a PR Newswire item. So much for the idea that the media are no longer dominated by liberals.

Great report. Too bad you won't read it or hear it in the MSM.


Jon and I have been blog partners for two years. He's been a good friend, and a great writer. He's brought humor, insight, and a different view of the world to Liberty Just in Case. In fact, he's the one who came up with the name for the site.

He continues to be a great friend, but will no longer be an active partner in Liberty. Here's why:
Blogs take time. News blogs take alot of time. Good news blogs like Liberty take an ungodly amount of time. It's not unusual to read 50 different editorials, articles etc, and out of those 50, only post one.

Jon is one of the best psycho-therapists I've ever known. And at a certain point, he had to make a choice as to where to put his talents to best use. I hate to lose him, but I think he's made the right choice. As Liberty Just in Case continues to grow, it will take more time than Jon can spend.

He will continue to use the comment section, and may even do a "guest blog" or two over the coming months. I'm hoping he will remain a part of the advisory committee for Liberty Just in Case, and keep me from steering the ship to far to the right...

Liberty Just in Case will be changing over the coming months, improving, growing. More on that in later posts. Jon will be a key part of making sure the site remains true to it's origins throughout that change. I will miss his Saturday posts very much.

Liberty will continue to be true to it's mission statement:
An ongoing dialogue about Politics, Culture, Religion and the Universe in general in the September 12th World.
The impact of September 11th continues to reverberate throughout our culture. Liberty will continue to bear witness to the impact of that day that changed us all.