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Friday, December 30, 2005

What a waste...

of our money.

Things like this are the very reason I want a smaller more accountable federal government. Big, bureaucratic governments do this type of thing.

Nevada tanning salon gets 9/11 loan

A Texas golf course, a Nevada tanning salon and an Illinois candy shop were among small businesses that may have improperly received U.S. subsidized loans intended for firms hurt by the September 11 attacks, an internal government watchdog has found.

The Small Business Administration's inspector general said in a report made public on Wednesday that in 85 percent of the sample of loans it reviewed, a company's eligibility to receive the money through the program could not be verified.

A leading Senate Republican called for further investigation, but the Small Business Administration said the program was properly implemented. - (source)

Now this IS the type of stuff that need to be investigated, a pure and simple waste of our money, contrary to both the spirit and the wording of the law.

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