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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Victory Cheer

Many of you that read my previous blog know that I am a big Sacred Cow fan, and once again the butcher has done it again...

Contrary to the claims of my rabid detractors, I don't agree with everything that President Bush does. Even so, that doesn't keep me from supporting him most heartily when he does the right thing.

Bush's latest address to the nation is a very good example of doing right. First off, I was delighted that he finally took on the defeatists in our nation who think that the cowardice of cutting and running is the way of the future. Secondly, Bush stuck to his guns over his decision to liberate Iraq from the tyranny and terror of Saddam Hussein. In doing so, President Bush echoed some of my personal sentiments that, though the premise for engaging in the action turned out to be flawed, we still did the right thing...and there is never any shame in that.

I couldn't agree more.

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