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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Review of the President's Speech.

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The President told the Nation from the Oval Office exactly what I have felt he needed to tell us for quite a while. We are winning the war in Iraq, and premature withdrawal will only lead to defeat.

He touched on many things that I want to touch on myself.

Regardless of what we thought when we invaded, it ultimately was Saddam's choice. He had an ultimatum, and instead of complying, he played a shell game. Given the information we had at the time, that was concurrently being stoked my Saddam himself, we had to act. The war now however has transcended its original purpose. We are at war with terrorists, as we are in Afghanistan, and all over the world.

Terrorists have shown us time and again that they will not simply leave us alone if we leave them alone, no matter how badly we wish it to be true. Sticking our heads in the sand will not work. Terrorists don't need to be provoked, and we only embolden them and strengthen them by ignoring them. Iraq, now, is part of the large Global War on Terror, and we fight the terrorists there, and elsewhere, so we do not have to fight them here. If we pullout before we have achieved victory, we only invite them to attack us at home.

This war has been difficult. Is any war easy? Just because something is difficult does not mean it is not worthy, nor does it mean we are failing at it. We must keep our sights on victory.

The President did a good job defining Victory, in terms that we all can understand. Iraq must become Secure, Democratic, and Stable. All of these things we are making great headway towards. Can a better job be done? There is always room for improvement in all we do, but being a defeatist does not help us through these difficult situations. We are winning. Early pullout would only undo all we have accomplished over the last three years, and in the end Terrorism would only be stronger and more effective. We must move on from where we are now, and I am glad the President finally said so.

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