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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Predictions: The GWOT

Here's a prediction for ya.

We will see enough stability in Iraq that we will be able to draw down our troop levels. The anti-war sect will still not be happy with it however as it will not occur fast enough.

More locations of actual stockpiles of WMD's will be discovered(yes I said MORE).
In Iraq.
In Syria.

Iran will accidentally, on purpose, make a giant leap forward in their "Civil Nuclear Power" capability. The U.N. will sanction them. We won't intervene until 2007.

Iran will continue to attempt to undermine and destabilize Iraq's newly elected government.

We will find or kill Osama Bin Laden with little to no effect on the over-all GWOT.

Afghanistan will stabilize and also require a drawdown, Pakistan however may implode under it's own pressure.

The President will continue to be blamed, (with increasing ferocity(1) as the 2006 elections approach) for every small problem or perceived misstep, regardless of the progress in the GWOT.

Note: (1) This post has been changed by the writer, I mistakenly used the word veracity instead of ferocity... That will teach me to read my own work before I post it.

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